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This is an UFO contact meditation group. Through meditation, we can contact our higher self and others, and when our consciousness begins to expand, the Extraterrestrial brothers can get closer to us. This is not a cult or a religion group. There will be a discussion of the cosmos hierarchy where the supreme creator is on top and the ETs are their messengers.

They are on our earth because of love to our humanity and have been working to help us evolve from the beginning.

This group, among hundreds in the American continent, mainly in Latin-America and some in Europe, follow the original Peruvian contact in 1974. The RAMA Mission is part of the work that the Elder Brothers ( ETs ), are doing with the rest of humanity.They never force anything to us, not even their presence or of their spaceships, they show up when we are ready, and these 24 FREE sessions were developed by the original RAMA contact group in Peru, together with instructions from the ETs to help us get into a higher level of consciousness, the work has to be done by us if we want results.

We'll start a new group in January and will be done in English. Location to be determined later in Tampere.



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