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OUR AIM: Is to provide support for individuals who will benefit from a group environment, to build Self Confidence, Self Esteem and Share experiences.

Meet every Thursday in Tamworth for six weekly confidential group sessions with activities to increase your confidence and self esteem.

Private 1-2-1 coaching is also available.

Building your Confidence and Self Esteem with SHARE (Self Help Assertive Reassuring Experience)

The Support You Need To Feel Good About Yourself

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Message from Sarah, “I have thoroughly enjoyed my 6 weeks on Maleka’s confidence building course. The sessions have given me the knowledge and tools to understand and reflect upon my self limiting beliefs. The journey for me was all about learning to aim, achieve and celebrate my successes. I now feel empowered to make my life joyous and one that serves me. I am thrilled at the realisation that I can achieve anything. I would like to express my gratitude for the opportunity to become a more confident me.”

The group sessions are a friendly, relaxing and fun event, specifically designed to be easy to put into action with support from group members to participate in the simple exercises to start building your confidence levels and self esteem so you feel comfortable and safe in the knowledge you will be okay and have inner peace with whatever life brings.

There will be no expectations, pressure or judgements, it will be all about acceptance of who you are and where you are at. The beauty is everyone will be starting from the beginning.

The sessions are confidential and anything discussed in the group, to remain within the group so that everyone feels comfortable to share experiences openly and honestly.

Each group member’s confidence levels will increase over a number of weeks as long as they participate and practice the exercises.

The cost of the group six sessions is £150 to be paid upfront either by cash or bank transfer.

Should you want private individual 1-2-1 coaching, that is also available and the results being more immediate and more specific and tailored to your own requirements and totally at your pace.

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