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Welcome to Tangaroa Energy Healing - where we can learn, inspire and grow together.

From the moment of conception to 3 years old, we picked up the planetary consciousness at the time and the conditioned behavioural patterning from our parents (or whoever raised us). We had no choice in this Etheric Blueprint patterning that we inherited.

And so, we go about life wondering why we have certain disharmonies that replay over and over, and we just can't get rid of it. We become stuck, we struggle, and sometimes our body takes a beating and our health is compromised.

We try many techniques and attempt various alternative healing modalities to rid ourselves of these disharmonies - some with great results, yet others with very little improvement or the disharmony goes away for a while and then after a year or so it comes back again.

Join me at our Tangaroa Healing meetups where we talk about different aspects of ourselves - without the FLUFFY and without the New Age Half-Truths.

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Our 7 Year Life Cycle

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Eliminating Distractions & Ask Any Questions

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Lifting the Vitality of Water

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