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A monthly gathering to explore the path of Tantra in its authentic flavors.

Gathering is a fundamental aspect of Tantric practice. Gathering is a sharing of energy and attention. Gathering is an offering of awareness as sensuality, elements and qualities. Gathering is joyful play in the energies of this realm, inner and outer.

Meetings will begin with an open discussion and a glass of wine.

Following will be a playful and structured night of engagement with what is here right before us, learning the basics of Tantric puja, love and relationship. This is designed to give those present a taste of what it is like to move energies, both internally and with others, in a Tantric fashion.

These games will be enjoyable and meaningful introductions to the meditative states of awareness necessary to go further into Tantric practice. To work with sensuality and sexuality at deeper levels, one must first find these energies of attention, compassion, love and openness.

If enough interest and community is gathered over the course of months, we can potentially go further.

Anyone interested in Tantra as a path to awakening will find these parties fun and enlivening.

Each party limited to 16 participants, a Tantric magic number.

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Tantric Shamanism Retreat

Emerald Temple & Healing Center


I’m excited to let you know about a 3 Day Retreat I’m offering with my colleague and friend Barbra White. If you have been interested in any of the MeetUps I offer – the Meditation in the Yoga Tantra Tradition, Conscious Touch, Tantra Energy Party, then definitely consider coming to this retreat. We will be going deep into these practices, deep into Circle work of Self-Love and Acceptance, our own Energetic Sovereignty, coming into deep insight to our own path – obstacles and openings. This is a Retreat for anyone truly seeking to deepen their spiritual work on some powerful land. The container we hold for your unfolding is powerful, safe and alive. This is a chance to shift and grow this summer As ever, in honoring, Michelle ********** Tantric Shamanism Retreat- Return To Your Sensual Nature. Aug 15-18 Thursday-Sunday Contact Barbra White or Michelle Tupko to sign up. Get early bird price by Aug 1, $450 includes: Vision quest, river ceremony, radical self acceptance, conscious touch, embodiment of joy, meditation and movement practices, vegan food and more!! This is primarily a camping retreat, on the gorgeous land of the Emerald Temple Healing Center in Manchester. http://emeraldtemplehealingcenter.com/ There are also two double occupancy rooms available, you bring your own sleeping materials And there is one very sweet rustic log cabin built by hand available for a single participant for 50$ additional a night Michelle Tupko and Barbra White have combined over 40 years professional experience and have dedicated their lives in service to awakening compassion on the planet. Fall in love with life; by fully engaging the one you have now. Come dance play and explore intrinsic webs of connection. Discover the beauty waiting to be lived as YOU. Tantric Shamanism: Return To Your Sensual Nature Structure and Flow Thursday from 4pm – camping or room set up, settling in 6:00 Dinner 7:30 Opening Circle-Creating Magical, Safe, Intentional, Supportive Space Friday 8:00 Morning Movement Practice 9:00 Breakfast 10-2 Animal Communication/Nature/Energy (Barbra) 2-3:30 break for Lunch/Rest 3:30-6:30 Conscious Touch – finishing with Partners going down to river to feel into those elements (Michelle) 6:30 Dinner 8:00 River Ceremony: Initiation with the Elements at the River (Michelle and Barbra) Saturday 8:00 Morning Movement Practice 9:00 Breakfast 10-2 Self-Acceptance Process, Radical Self Love -- Loving both dark and light parts. Allowing the natural world to support you into the Vision Quest (Barbra) 2-3:30 break for Lunch/Rest 3:30-6:30 Guided Meditation of the Senses/Sense Opening beyond Concept – culminating in their each finding their spot for the Vision Quest (Michelle) 6:30 Dinner 7:30-8:30 Personal Inner Preparation for Vision Quest – Silence in the Group 9:00 Gather at the Fire Camp in Circle 9:00-12 Vision Quest Sunday 9:00 Morning Movement Practice 10:00 Breakfast 11:00-2 Integration in Circle- Personal agreements to support 'landing' into your everyday life. Michelle Tupko[masked]. Stillness-Rises.com Barbra White[masked]. BarbraWhite.com MotherBearSanctuary.com

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Tantra Energy Gathering

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