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A monthly gathering to explore the path of Tantra in its authentic flavors.

Gathering is a fundamental aspect of Tantric practice. Gathering is a sharing of energy and attention. Gathering is an offering of awareness as sensuality, elements and qualities. Gathering is joyful play in the energies of this realm, inner and outer.

Meetings will begin with an open discussion and a glass of wine.

Following will be a playful and structured night of engagement with what is here right before us, learning the basics of Tantric puja, love and relationship. This is designed to give those present a taste of what it is like to move energies, both internally and with others, in a Tantric fashion.

These games will be enjoyable and meaningful introductions to the meditative states of awareness necessary to go further into Tantric practice. To work with sensuality and sexuality at deeper levels, one must first find these energies of attention, compassion, love and openness.

If enough interest and community is gathered over the course of months, we can potentially go further.

Anyone interested in Tantra as a path to awakening will find these parties fun and enlivening.

Each party limited to 16 participants, a Tantric magic number.

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