Tantra Energy Gathering

This is a past event

3 people went

Price: $30.00

Needs a location


This is a gathering to explore the path of Tantra in its authentic flavors.

Saturday, July 13th is close to the time of the Full Moon, so we will absorb the strengthening energies of that fullness.

This gathering is a space of mutuality and togetherness, founded on deep respect and holding a container together in which higher awareness can appear and expand.

Gathering is a fundamental aspect of Tantric practice. Gathering is a sharing of energy and attention. Gathering is an offering of awareness in the form of sensuality, elements and qualities. Gathering is joyful play in the energies of this realm, inner and outer.

Meetings will begin with an open discussion in circle and a glass of wine (for those who wish).

Following will be a playful and structured night of engagement with what is here right before us, learning the basics of Tantric puja, love and relationship. This is designed to give those present a taste of what it is like to move energies, both internally and with others, in a Tantric fashion.

These games will be enjoyable and meaningful introductions to the meditative states of awareness necessary to go further into Tantric practice. To work with sensuality and sexuality at deeper levels, one must first find these energies of attention, compassion, love and openness.

This gathering is entirely clothes-on.

If enough interest and community is gathered over the course of months, we can potentially go further.

Anyone interested in Tantra as a path to awakening will find these parties fun and enlivening.

Each party limited to 16 participants, a Tantric magic number.


Please note, in the past, there have been unequal numbers of male and female-bodied beings RSVPing. For this gathering, I find it best that we have an equal number. I will have to curate this a bit, it seems. So depending on how the RSVPs go, some people may have to wait until a further gathering. We shall see.

If there are people who would like to attend who are not hetero-normative, this is VERY welcome. I ask that you come with your partner, and you can do all the exercises together for sure, and we can see from there if further mingling with other attendees is desired. Please contact me to ask or discuss anything about this. :)

Until beings truly open themselves to the full depths of sensual and sexual energies, these distinctions, so to speak, have to be worked with. They are not ultimate distinctions. Our sensual beingness is far vaster than biological gender, or even imagined-preferred gender.

Once we find a deeper openness, we become able to be in the space of play, joy and ecstatic connection with ALL beings. This is a very high state. I wish it for all attending.

fee is $35/person. Please bring a bottle of wine to share if you can/wish