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Hi I'm Jason a Tantra Teacher from the UK and I am organising some Tantra Meetups when I come to New York a few times per year. This group is to share with you about the Meet Ups I arrange and so you can make a choice if you want to join us. Love Jason

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Tantric Touch, Intimacy and Massage - An Evening Workshop with Ed

Ease into the wonderful world of Tantra, with a focus on building trust, creating a safe space and communicating your boundaries; take more time to tease up your erotic energy; explore the deeper meanings of Tantra; have a gentler experience with men who are feeling just as vulnerable as you, Join Ed for his Tantric workshop at 3F Studios. In this workshop you will be gently guided on a 3 hour exploration of Tantra. The program is great if you want to connect erotically, energetically and emotionally in a loving and sensual way that is more intimate than the way men typically meet. These workshops will be held on a monthly basis whereby each evening the content and practices are different, but all focus on the sensual side rather than sexual connections and on open and loving hearts that welcome all to the possibilities of learning more about yourself and the basics of Tantra. Interested? Read more and join the international network of men exploring and sharing NeoTantra at https://www.tantra4gaymen.com/tantranewyorkcity Want to book? It is $45 when you book online at https://www.tantra4gaymen.com/booking-form/tantra-evening-new-york-city-january-2019 or pay $50 cash at the door. • What to bring No previous experience of Tantra is needed - all you need to bring is an open mind and a sense of adventure.

The Ultimate Tantric Massage Weekend

New York

-The Ultimate Tantric Massage -Hot, Erotic and Orgasmic - Sensual, Relaxing and Blissful -Immerse Yourself In A Mindblowing Massage Experience Like No Other -Join Us To Learn, Experience, and Practice This Unique Massage Infused With Ancient Tantric Secrets Everything that’s amazing about Tantric Massage distilled into one 2-hour process: Welcome to The Ultimate Tantric Massage. An experience like no other: Mindblowingly hot, erotic and orgasmic, yet incredibly sensual, relaxing and blissful. I, Jason, developed The Ultimate Tantric Massage over 10 years, during my in-depth study of secret techniques from the timeless, ancient body of Tantra. With my rigorous Tantra practice, I had these incredible experiences of sheer bliss and profound states of orgasm. I wanted to make these experiences accessible to everyone, without them having to go through the rigorous practice, but by just letting go into a massage experience. So I took the best of these techniques, and distilled those into one process of just 2 hours. The Ultimate Tantric Massage was born. Thousands of men have experienced the Massage since, with spectacular results. “Like a universal orgasm”, “the best massage experience I have ever had”, “brings the idea of sex to a whole different level” - these are some of the things clients have said about it. This residential weekend is designed for you to learn The Ultimate Tantric Massage from me, Jason. It’s simpler than you think, but there are many secret tricks that you have to learn from me directly. After a few teaching sessions you will be able to practice and experience the massage by yourself, with other course participants. You will give and receive The Ultimate Tantric Massage at least once, and have lots and lots of hands-on practice and hot fun throughout the entire weekend. You will go home afterwards with a sense of awe and wonder at an experience like no other. So, what does The Ultimate Tantric Massage include? On the one hand, there are many of the elements that make Tantric Massage such a hot experience: -Lots and Lots of Erotic Touch -Slow, Sensual All Over Body Massage. -Extended Multi Orgasmic Cock Massage -Prostate & Anal Massage -Body to Body Massage But on the other hand, it integrates a body of Tantric techniques that are new, exciting, arousing, and have to be experienced to be believed: -A body of tantric techniques called Awakened Arousal. -Special breathing and visualisation techniques to trigger orgasmic reactions. -Special techniques to use physical energy to fuel your orgasmic potential. -And several sets of other techniques that come from Tantric meditation practices and can only be explained in a hands-on setting. Important to know -Dates & Times: May, Sat 25 & Sun 26, 2019 - 10am to 6pm. -Workshop Format: This is a 2 day, non-residential workshop. Tea/Coffee and other refreshments are included with your workshop price. On both days, we will have a noon break and go for a light lunch in a nearby cafe (not included in price). -Venue: A discreet venue in Los Angeles, easily accessable via public transportation. -Current Price: $395 -Booking: Just click the checkmark to attend or message me for booking details

The Tantra Experience

Easton Mountain Retreat

A 5-day Journey Into Tantra - With Jason, Ingo and Exclusive Guest Teachers Sensual, Relaxing and Indulgent - A Vacation for Your Soul A Unique 'Best Of' Selection of Tantra4GayMen's Teachings - All Packed into One Amazing Journey A 'Vacation-Style' Format - A Varied and Colorful Schedule from which YOU choose what you want to do The Ultimate You Time - Let Go, Be Yourself, Wind Down, and Indulge Be Part of a Group of Very Special Tantric Men - Connect, Play, and Make New Friends. Here is what you can expect: -Our Unique Tantra Experience Program. A ‘Best Of’ selection of Tantra4GayMen’s teachings, all packed into one amazing journey. -Special and Exclusive Workshops in Tantra. An intriguing selection of workshops by the experts in Modern Tantra: Tantric Massage, Sensual Touch, Orgasm, Sexual Power, Tantric Meditation, Tantric Energy Work, and more. -Carefully Designed Tantra Rituals. Indulgent Tantric evenings and nights that you’ll never forget … -Lots and Lots of Touch, Cuddles and Sensual Experiences. Sensuality if the entry point into Tantra, and there’s going to be lots of it … -All Packed into One Journey, Taught by Jason and Ingo, plus Exclusive Guest Teachers. Jason, Ingo and the Guest Teachers are Experts in Modern Tantra. They you can’t easily access anywhere else. Guest Teachers are exclusive to this event only at Easton Mountain! -A Sensual, Relaxing and Indulgent Experience. -A Real ‘Time Out’ For Yourself. The Tantra Experiences focuses on the indulgent, sensual and relaxing aspects of Tantra. If you are in need of a real ‘time out’, then this is for you. -Everything is About Your Choice, and At Your Own Pace. You choose how much of how little of the program you would like to do. Or relax at the pool, in the sauna and hot tub, hang out with new friends, let go in any way you wish! -The Unique Inclusive Vibe Our Events Are Known For. Feel loved and embraced for being the unique person that you are. Feel part of a family of very special Tantric men. Never feel alone. -A Vacation Like Atmosphere For You to Truly Relax and Let Go. Beautiful Venue in the Midst of Nature. Outdoor Pool, Hot Tub Spa & Sauna to Relax. Homemade Vegetarian Food. Festival Features Venue: The Tantra Experience 2019 will be held in the fantastic Easton Mountain Retreat Centre, in the Hudson Valley, Upstate New York, within a convenient 3 hours drive from New York City, Boston, or Montreal. We have exclusivity to the venue - which means we can indulge, play, and totally be ourselves! Accommodation: You have the choice of Easton Mountain's wide range of accommodation - Ensuite Semi-Private Rooms, Ensuite Quad Rooms, and much more. For the price-conscious, we offer Glamping and Camping. Food: Easton Mountain's heart-warming vegetarian food receives rave reviews from our festival goers. Your food ticket gives you full board: Breakfast, lunch, dinner with dessert, afternoon cake, and 24/7 refreshments. Outdoor Pool, Indoor Hotub, and Sauna: Easton Mountains's Pool, Hot Tub and Sauna are great places to unwind and relax. Open during the day and late into the evening - perfect places to indulge in the warmth, ease away any tensions and relax with new-found friends. Booking: Just click that you're attending for details, or visit our website here: https://www.tantra4gaymen.com/tantraexp

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