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Deepening into Tantra
Discovering Extraordinary Bliss: Level 1
in Los Gatos
Series starts on: Feb 02, 2014
Sundays 2 pm - 5pm
All Dates: Feb 02, Feb 08 (BONUS night), Feb 09, Feb 16, Feb 23
Sold as a series, Limited space. Reserve your tickets ASAP.

Singles & Couples. All relationships types welcome. Couples may work with only their partner if they choose. This will be a gender balanced event. There is no nudity or sexual contact in these courses.

Register now for this introductory exploration of Tantra for couples and singles to awaken you to the sacred in your sensuality and deepen your connection with others. This class is devoted to creating healthy and happy relationships and living a life of passion, power, and freedom. Improve the quality of love making and open yourself for your intimacy to become more sacred, divine, sensual, passionate and pleasurable. No experience with Tantra necessary.

Tantra is a rich and deep path that embraces the full expression of who we are, balancing the masculine and feminine within, creating sacred intimate communion with yourself and others. It is not a dogmatic practice but a surrendering to the mystery of living in the moment and the whole experience of living, not just our sexuality. Awaken your sacred sexual energy and transform your relating and lovemaking into a spiritual experience.

During this “Level 1” course: Couples, rekindle your love and passion and deepen your intimacy. Singles, explore new ways to connect and consciously create happy and fulfilling relationships. Together we will all learn how to practice better loving, open deeper awareness, and cultivate greater pleasure. This will be a deeply reflective journey into self, connecting body and soul, allowing you to tap into higher consciousness and creating closer and more meaningful relationships.

Our journey together will draw on ancient and modern teachings to cultivate and transform sexual energy, meditative awareness, movement patterns and open energetic channels. Learning these specific exercises will enhance sensitivity and the ability to feel and live with higher physical/emotional awareness, connect with an open heart and grow in love.

This series provides simple techniques and practices that can be immediately incorporated into your intimate life.

What will we do together?

Feb 02: Introduction to the essential practices of Tantra. Become completely present and start your journey towards greater love, intimacy and a more fulfilling life. Awaken to the ecstatic bliss of conscious relating. Open your heart to a deeper connection with yourself and others.

BONUS night: Free admission to Sacred Saturday night event on Saturday Feb 8th (Optional)

Feb 09: Beginner level practices and exercises to enhance ecstatic energy. Connect your body’s energy centers to create a free flow of ecstasy through your entire body. Learn to channel sexual energy, amplify pleasure sensations, and awaken to greater aliveness, awareness, and sensitivity.

Feb 16: Opening the doorway to your own divinity. Learn the basic energetics of your sexual energy. Access and expand your life force energy to create higher states of awareness and ecstasy. Rewire your neurology and prepare your body to feel infinite pleasure.

Feb 23: Celebrate your alive and vital body. Learn fun and powerful exercises and techniques to create greater staying power and increased capacity for pleasure. Explore concepts for expanding erotic sensations throughout your entire body, heightening sexual pleasure and lengthening orgasmic sensations.

Explore the essentials of Tantra, in a safe, fun, inspiring way!
* Become closer in your relationships
* 3 Keys of Tantra: Breath, movement and sound
* Deepen your intimacy
* Awaken and enliven your love life
* Balance feminine and masculine energies
* Bring in more life energy to activate sleeping, stuck, or dormant places within
* Enliven your ecstasy body
* Practice deeper awareness and better loving
* Cultivate greater pleasure
* Explore inspired practices that ignite the heart - sex energy connection
* Open your heart to increase love
* Rewire your neurology for heightened ecstasy
* Expand your love making and pleasure

Reserve your space early, and please don't let money be an obstacle for you.

If you really feel called to be here, contact me and we will find a way for you. Payment options available by request. Email Kika with subject line: “Payment Options.“ Discounts for couples and groups of women.