Tantra for Beginners – Taster Evening


Tantric Journey Taster evenings are the best way to sample the flavour of Tantra. These evenings are for complete beginners and for people who are new to Tantra who wants to find out what’s special about Tantric Journey. Both couples and individuals are welcome.

For couples, this is a great way to learn to connect deeper with your partner and for individuals it’s the best way to learn to connect with yourself and others in a safe sacred space.

Participants are of all ages, from their early 20s and from all backgrounds and professions, from students to bankers and health care professionals. What we all share is a willingness to journey within, to expand our horizons, and to live with more joyful aliveness.

What Happens in a Taster Evening

Tantra evening consists of many Basic Tantric tasters such as

Tantra Meditation – to switch the mind off
Tantra Dance – to help let go
Tantra Yoga – to loosen up the body
Tantra Rituals – to soul and heart connections
Tantra Puja – to deeper connection with yourself and others
Tantra Sharing of experiences

The experiential elements may include movement and breathing meditations, verbal sharing, dance, eye contact, and some gentle physical contact. The spirit of the evening is one of gentleness, playfulness, respect and inner observation. Participants are fully clothed, and as in all Tantric Journey workshops, you always have choice as to whether, and to what degree, you engage in a structure.

What to wear

Please wear loose comfortable clothing appropriate for sitting on the floor and for gentle movement.

Costs: £40

Click here to book: https://www.tantricjourney.com/tantric-training-workshops/beginners-training-courses/