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Intensive Emotional Detox through Tantric – Tao Clothes on Bodywork Practical Training

Treat your mind as well as your body this year by embarking on Emotional Detox Clothes on Practical Training course in beautiful Temple surrounding in London.

Whether you are looking to introduce positive change to your life or train for a new career, our intensive Emotional Detox Clothes on Practical Training Courses offer outstanding value and quality training.

Explore Emotional Detox through Bodywork for emotional and physical well-being. Ideal for couples and individuals who wish to embark on personal development or therapists that wish to learn Emotional Detox through Bodywork techniques.

All of our Emotional Detox Breaks are held in beautiful and spiritually nourishing surroundings. During the course of the training, you will learn trance dance, mantras, breath work deep clothes on bodywork and rituals to connect and to help unblock trapped negative emotions.

No previous experience of bodywork is required, but all participants must be over 21 years of age. This course is for spiritual growth and self-development and for practitioners who wishes to learn how to help release both physical and emotional toxins from the body cellular memory.

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What will I learn?

Course begins with a seminar on Emotional Detox through Bodywork
Heart and Soul connection Rituals to connect and to establish Trust
Deep Healing Clothes on Bodywork incorporating following modalities:

Chi Nei Tsang (Internal Organ Massage)
Life Pulse Massage (Activating the pulse of Life in the body)
Karsai Nei Tsang (Genital Organ Detox through clothes on bodywork)
Passive Yoga movements, Trance Dance, Mantras (sounds) and Breath work
Emotional Detox 10 step unique Bodywork sequence to release stagnant emotions from body cellular memory and to facilitate movement of positive chi energy
Theory behind Emotions, trauma and body armouring
How to de-armour by releasing emotions with Bodywork, breath, sounds and body movement

Features of the Training

Understanding the Theory, Philosophy and Psychology behind Emotional Detox

Accept new knowledge by receiving a series of treatments and experiencing the process to unblock and open your own energy channels
Implement new skills by performing a series of treatments and learning to overcome challenges

Learn Emotional Detox treatment techniques to help release body armouring in the whole body

Course Features

33 hours practical training hours
3000 CPD (Continuous Professional Development) points
30 hours of Case study assessments
20% discount on CPD Accredited Online video training course (£70 value)
Comprehensive Training manual
20% discount for Emotional Detox – Book
Free monthly Zoom Training Session for 3 months
Emotional Detox Website Therapist directory listing for 3 months (£180 Value)

What Are The Benefits of Emotional Detox through Bodywork?

Relax the Body, Mind and Spirit
More peace of mind
Enhance Concentration and Emotional health
Improve digestion
Reduced stress
Sleep well
Boost Sexual Energy
Stronger orgasms
Male Ejaculatory control
Healthier menstruation and menopause
Strengthen the Immune system
Increase Flexibility and Energy
Increase Strength and Stamina
Increase Your Overall Health and Well-being

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Not suitable for the following:
In first 3 months of pregnancy.
Within 6 months of major surgery.
Any other serious medical conditions such as secondary cancer or mental health issues.
A good level of spoken and written English.
Must not use recreational drugs or alcohol 2 days prior to training and during training workshops.
You must be over 21 years

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