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We are the Tantrikas Next Door, a group ignited by seeking the Divine in all things.
This is a safe, supportive space to explore the intersection of the spiritual and the sensory, including but not limited to sexuality, conscious kink, breath & movement, cultivating intimacy & connection, manifesting desires, and the practical application of Tantra.

We are experts in energy work, ecstatic breath, Tantric practices & facilitating healing for groups and individuals. Join us for an exchange & discussion of ideas, modalities, & practices. We invite all walks of life to join in for collaborative healing, education and transformation!

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Devotional Touch for Couples

Online event

Welcome in a luscious & connective winter with Tantrikas Next Door founders Ali, Raquel & Wakenda for an online Devotional Touch for Couples. Bring Your Own Partner to this exploration into connecting on a deep, primal & energetic level that nourishes, supports, and excites you both. Whether you’re seeing less of your Beloved, or WAY more, we’ll share tools to move beyond the mundane to create desire & intimacy through adoration, devotion and play. Slow & Sexy is the name of this game: Learn to create deep connection and trust with heart-centered tantric breath practices, then get confident with touch techniques that allow you to fully delight in Giving and Receiving. This workshop works best with a partner in the room with you, and the ability to be on-screen with them. We celebrate & invite all genders and orientations! Exchange: $130 through November 25th $150 after. Online Format: Once you register, you will be emailed a link for the event. We will keep you updated on what to bring and how to prepare as we get closer to the event. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/online-devotional-touch-for-couples-tickets-127629759045?ref=eios

Community Call: Toxic Feminine

Online event

Join the Tantrikas Next Door every month to discuss, contemplate & connect tantric themes, teachings, practices and how they all tie in to what we're experiencing in this magnificent upheaval! Wakenda & Raquel will lead this month's discussion around how we both revere and objectify the Feminine; from our relationship to female pleasure, to catcalling, to Goddess-worship, to sex work, to exotification & so much more. Come into this safe place to ask questions, be vulnerable and find clarity in community. Join us via Facebook at Raquel Alexandria Healing Arts

Tantric Breathwork for a bliss filled holiday season

The ancients may haven't had to deal with our modern holidays during a pandemic, but they left us with powerful tools that work for the challenges we confront during these times! Over the course of 3 sessions, Wakenda and Raquel share their favorite breath & meditation practices and big-picture teachings so that you can navigate the end of the year with grace, ease, and freedom. Each session is structured for an introductory discussion, how-to, community practice and integration. Join us for a single session or all three to add these simple and effective technologies to your boundary-busting toolbox! Exchange: $20/single session $50 for all 3 https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tantric-breathwork-for-a-bliss-filled-holiday-season-tickets-127632136155?ref=eios

All about Women for Just for Men

Online event

Want to know more about the women in your life? Or are you calling in a feminine match as a partner? It seems like there's always more to be known about the inner workings of the female sexual universe, and as much as you long to please your woman, something feels missing. We're here for you! Join us for a richly informative night exclusively for men and male-identified people. As we dive deep into woman's sexual desire, we'll couple scientific information with Tantric theory to help you better understand your partner, your potential partners, and all of the feminine beings in your life. Come with all of your curiosity and questions and get ready to have your mind blown and leave feeling more confident and knowledgeable sharing the landscape of sexuality with your female counterparts. www.eventbrite.com/e/all-about-women-for-men-tickets[masked]

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