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Come join us! Together, we'll learn to use tapping (EFT), LOA & Energy Movement to help release the stress, blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding us back and keeping us from living happy, empowered and deeply fulfilling lives!

For many of us today, there are things in our life that we just can’t get over, pesky obstacles to our progress and happiness that holds us back and won’t go away no matter what we try. It might be a constant barrage of stress and overwhelm that you feel from having too much to do and not enough time, or maybe you have the feeling that you are stuck and not living the satisfying and deeply fulfilling life that you’d like to live. Whatever “it” is, that’s holding you back, wouldn't life would be so much easier if you had a surefire way to deal with it?

This is where EFT Tapping can make all the difference in the world! This revolutionary healing modality is based on ancient medical principles drawn from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), as well as the profound insights of modern Western psychotherapy. It’s further bolstered by incredible leading-edge medical research about the body-mind connection.

The most beautiful thing about this incredible technique is how simple and quick it is. It doesn’t take much time to learn or use it, and quite often the results are immediate. When you use EFT, you’re literally “tapping” into your body’s natural ability to right itself. In short, it’s an amazing healing tool that combines both the history and future of healing around the world and puts this power in your hands. Come learn and practice EFT with us!

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