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I have studied EFT and related work for several years now through Rob Nelson of the Tapping the Matrix Academy in California -www.tappingthematrix.com

Although excited by the work I have been unable to build a network here due lack of individuals with this type of training. The best way to learn and grow is work to trade and develop the skills together. Teaching to fish rather than fishing if you will. When I researched training in EFT I selected Tapping The Matrix Academy as Rob takes the most therapeutic approach to the work. I see the potential here to effect real change and make shifts in our lives. Often EFT has been used for more mundane things, while effective tapping has been presented as a new age self help technique, distracting from the real depth and potential of this work.

I am excited to say that we now have an opportunity to build and train a network of healers or shall I say agents of change as he has been invited to bring his workshops to Calgary in November. We need enough interest and my hope is we can create a network for mutal support and growth here in Alberta. To reserve a spot go the www.creatinghappyfreedom.com If you register please send me an email so I can know this meetup site got you to the training jdeneve@hotmail.com

This is a real opportunity the training is being offered in Canadian Dollars, (vs US) and we don't have to travel. Please contact me if you want comments on the workshops, the trainer, or the potential I have seen for this work.

Often we find ourselves in a place where we cannot free ourselves of repetitive thoughts and emotions. Even with the help of Talk Therapy or sometimes medications we seem to make little progress. We know and desire to be free of the pattern but our thinking minds cannot find a way out.

Work pioneered by Dr. Bruce Lipton (epigenetics) reveals that our realities are based in large part from what we pull in on from our personal energy field. Some events or Traumas get stuck and we are prevented from the Freedom that we intuitively know is the Source of our being.

EFT is an easy to learn Self Help Technique that allows us to let go of the energy. We don't change the memory just the unwanted charge or feeling of being stuck that goes with it. In the resulting spaciousness we have the ability to reset our intentions and live the lives we truly want.

Tap away fear, painful memories, negative emotions, self-sabotage and limiting ideas. Experience the amazing benefits of doing EFT in a group. Through the principal of Entrainment we "Borrow Benefits" from the group work; often finding our own issues release without even sharing them.

Everyone is welcome...from Beginner to those with EFT experience. This is a very affordable way to get acquainted with EFT and start experiencing some its amazing benefits.

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Group Tapping Circle

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