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2019 Professional Development Series can be found here (https://www.mandylacyconsulting.nz/2019-pd-workshops).

I am pleased to let you know that the 2019 Professional Development Series is about to be released. You are receiving this email because you have either attended events I have run and/or expressed an interest in doing so. Please forgive me if you did not want to receive this email and let me know by return email.
There is an exciting line up this year of professional development workshops and one 5 day event, all to be held in the lovely coastal location of Mt Maunganui, New Zealand. All events will be held at The Pacific Apartments which is very central to the beach, hot pools, harbour and the Mount.
These workshops aren't for everyone. They are experiential learning settings with the expectation that participants are curious to know more about the impact they have on themselves and others and are interested in understanding why others impact them. They are focused on professional and personal development.
The workshops are designed as two day events based on Transactional Analysis (TA) concepts. Day 1 is a stand alone workshop day and focuses on the topic through various teaching and learning activities for you to apply to your professional roles, organisational situations and to yourself personally. Day 2 is for those people who want to know more about group dynamics and to integrate their learning through practice and reflection. There will also be two TA101 introduction courses throughout the year.
Each workshop is held on a Friday and Saturday - here are the dates:29th & 30th March 2019_PD Workshop: The Art of Agreements
12th & 13th April 2019_TA101: Understanding Self & Others (Introduction to TA concepts)
26th & 27th April 2019_PD Workshop: Are People OK at Work?
24th & 25th May 2019_PD Workshop: Communication Behaviours Uncovered
28th & 29th June 2019_PD Workshop: Ignoring Realities & Recognition
26th & 27th July 2019_PD Workshop: Working Styles Similarities & Differences
23rd & 24th August 2019_TA101: Understanding Self & Others (Introduction to TA concepts)
30th & 31st August 2019_PD Workshop: The Games We Play
23rd to 27th September 2019_5 day learning event (Monday - Friday)
Over the next week I will have more details on my website www.mandylacy.nz (http://www.mandylacy.nz/)

Please feel free to share with those in your networks you think would be interested. In the meantime if you wish to register your interest please do so by return email.
Any questions please do not hesitate to be in touch.

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