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Hey Volunteers,

This is an optional meeting that will serve a myriad of purposes and recur every other month. The agenda will folliw the following format:

New Volunteer Orientation

State of the Rescue

Idea Sharing

For anyone wanting to volunteer with Taysia Blue, this is an opportunity to get the lay of the land and find out ways to help.

This will be a good forum to meet other volunteers and share ideas. It will serve as an opportunity for us to share our progress on the goal of saving 100 huskies in 2012. We will also give you a recap of Who's new, who got adopted, who's on the waiting list, etc.

What we ask of you:

1. It's informal and casual, but we will follow an agenda so please help us stay on task... it's a school night so we want to be wrapped up in 60 - 90 minutes!

2. RSVP at least 24 hours in advance please... and let me know if something comes up and you won't be there!

3. Don't bite off more than you can chew, but we encourage you to take on some projects that might come out of these meetings!