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Are the typical LA Networking events out there just not what you're looking for? Are some too social and others too product-based? Well, this one is just right and aims for a good balance between the two. If you'd rather just meet good people that are motivated to make things happen and you don't need people selling themselves or their products immediately, then this is the place for you.

You have to actually get to know the person before you bring up your own products. We want to cultivate a culture of building relationships first. We understand especially with small business start-ups and entrepreneurship that who you are and what you do may go hand-in-hand, and that is okay! However, please do not just go up to someone and hand a business card and your product spiel right away. Try to get to know someone, including their hobbies, and their hopes and dreams. What do they care about? Try talking about: self-improvement, philosophies and ideas, hopes and dreams, sharing strategies and skills with other people, sharing books and audios that have helped you, past accomplishments, hobbies, and just having some good old fun.

$5 at the door will allow you to rent a table and all of their demo games for the remainder of the day and also join in with us with our networking event.

We are set in the charming little shop on Magnolia Blvd, Geeky Teas and Games. They cover quite a variety of things, such as tea, tabletop gaming, and they are also a cat rescue. They are also a hobby store centered around Doctor Who, Magic the Gathering, Sherlock, Star Wars, steampunk, etc. If you are also a geek, your fandoms are another great conversation starter you could use. If not, that's great too. We welcome all sorts from geeks to non-geeks alike. Our main objective is to have good motivated people meet other good motivated people.

The tea is free. For each meetup we will do a poll for the flavor we will be serving for the night. Hope to see you there!

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Geeky Teas and Games

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Geeky Teas and Games


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