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Welcome fellow lifelong learners! We're excited you're here. TeachPlayLearn's Meet-Up group is dedicated to serving families in the Los Angeles area (although we're primarily on the west side) in a variety of ways. For example, we may host educational and social family gatherings, Mother/Daughter or Father/Son activity days, Parent Workshops, College Nights, community volunteer days, and for homeschooling families uniquely--professional development workshops (we love supporting you by providing creative resources for honing your teaching craft), to name a few. But in short, we're here to teach, play, and learn together. Join the Edventure, it'll be even better with you there!

*For children exclusive field trips and workshops please visit our website (http://www.teachplaylearn.com) to join the newsletter for updates. This meet-up group is really a place for us to support the parents and/or families altogether. Any children present at a TPL Meetup must be supervised by a parent or guardian. Thank you!

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At some point we all share a moment of more. Whether it’s wondering about other options, wanting more support, more challenge, more fun, or any combination of puzzle pieces. You’re the pro-active type, so out comes Google, a few key words later…it feels a bit like drinking from a fire hose, right? There’s so much to consider!

Our renaissance team makes finding what you need for the educational journey ahead efficient, simple — dare we say — even fun! Imagine navigating the limitless options at your fingertips with ease. ::cue soothing ocean sounds:: Picture the kids excited to learn, a personalized plan your family agrees on in motion, and you with all your hair. Triple win!

Welcome to TPL, a boutique educational concierge for the whole family. Whether you just need some initial footing and guidance or are looking for ongoing support, from developmental play to parenthood, we’re here for you. Check out our website for our services and, coming soon, our carefully curated online shop.


• PLAY: We believe play is an essential connector between teaching and learning. Whether through constructivist pedagogy, engaging delivery of instruction, or more literally a fun interactive activity, we do our best to infuse lessons with a professionally playful spirit. Lifelong learning is FUN.

• BALANCE: We believe in a holistic approach to education. With an open mind and open heart we embrace a balance of traditional and progressive best practices. TPL ensures our services are student focused and mindful of the whole individual.

• LIMITLESS: We believe in limitless education, both in philosophy and in practice. We aim to meet each learner where they are and truly individualize services to best support their unique goals. We do this by offering flexible, affordable, and comprehensive choices. No one size fits all approach here. Dream big, always.

• COMMUNITY: We believe in service. From our teacher mentors responding to the emergent needs of our community, to community volunteer days, to donating a percentage of our proceeds to support our annual local non-profit partners. We live to give.

• GRATITUDE: We believe a daily attitude of gratitude is important. This influences the heart of our practice and our joy in providing services. We are grateful for those we serve and those that serve with us.

• SIMPLICITY: We believe in simplicity in design and in practice. You'll notice we're a creative bunch. From the boutique artsy feel of what we do, to how we do it. While learning isn't particularly linear in itself, TPL strives to streamline the process for finding the best resources in Los Angeles, and are dedicated to accessible and authentic service.

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