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Hi sensitive soul!

If you are reading this, you probably recognize yourself as a (highly) sensitive person/an empath/a lightworker/a starseed or any other name you want to put on it.
You might have noticed that teachings and rules out there are made for left-brain, action-oriented types of people, who are still the majority of people but not the ones that are moving smoothly towards the new era that is coming.

If highly sensitive people were considered weak, outsiders and non-efficient, there are more and more of them being born on the planet now and there is a reason for that. The current paradigm is based on the past and things are changing. Highly sensitive people are here to build a new present in accordance with the energy of the new era of Aquarius.

After studying alternative medicines and healing from childhood and past life traumas for the past 20 years, I created adapted teachings and support sessions for highly sensitive people, so they can find their purpose and finally feel welcome, happy and useful in the world.
If it's you, welcome!

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See you soon!

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