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Cosmic Beginnings
What is the purpose of life? From time immemorial, people have asked this question. Attempts to answer it have filled volumes of philosophical and theological texts. The ascended masters have given us invaluable keys to understanding this cosmic mystery-keys that can open doors to fulfilling our soul's longing for oneness with Spirit. We will present the essence of these teachings on the purpose of the sacred adventure of life. Understanding our divine origin can give us profound insight into our reason for being. This knowledge, placed within us when we were formed, can help us to unlock the secrets of our individual destiny. It also reveals our true nature as spiritual beings with tremendous light-energy at our disposal. We will begin by exploring how to tap into the powerful cosmic energy that was with us in the beginning and is with us today. Who hasn't looked up into the sky on a clear night and wondered at the mysteries of the universe? It's easy to feel insignificant in the face of such immensity. Yet, on the contrary, the heavens hold the secret of the magnitude of our beings. The ascended masters have given us a beautiful vision of the connectedness of all life and the supreme importance of each individual to the divine whole. Scientific inquiry alone will not uncover the master plan and our place in it. While modern science has begun to corroborate certain elements of ancient creation theories, like those of Hinduism and mystical Judaism, we can only begin to unravel the mystery of being by going to the place within us where God dwells. Here we can discover our unique mission that can help change the world for the better and accelerate our own soul evolution. Both the blueprint for the mission and the light-energy we need to carry it out were placed within us when we were first created. So the first step to understanding this innate potential is to go back to the source, our divine parents. In the center of the universe lies the hub of all physical-spiritual creation, the Great Central Sun, the principal source of the energy that sustains atoms, cells and man. Our from this spiritual sun have come solar systems, galaxies and billions of sons and daughters of God. "God" refers not to an anthropomorphic being but to the omnipresent Spirit of light, love and power that pervades the universe and is the source of all life. Spirit is the masculine polarity of the Godhead. In order for creation to occur, the feminine polarity must also be present. Therefore the Creator is, of necessity, both Father and Mother. And so our divine parents are referred to as the Father-Mother God. In the beginning, God sounded the Word that sparked creation. When he said, "Let there be light," and there was light, the Father-Mother God expanded the light by giving birth to individual Spirit-sparks. Each of these sparks was an exact replica of the energy of God's being. This energy is in perfect polarity-pus and minus, yin and yang, masculine and feminine, alpha and omega. This is how we were created in the beginning as pure energy in the image and likeness of God. By creating us, God could multiply his love and light. Another name for the Spirit-spark is the I AM Presence. This is derived from the sacred name of God that was given to Moses out of the burning bush on Mount Sinai. When Moses asked God what his name was so that he could tell the people of Israel, God answered, "I AM THAT I AM." An so the Presence of God that was individualized for each of us is called the I AM Presence. It is the highest part of our being and is comprised of the same essence as the great I AM THAT I AM that is God. Our I AM Presence is an energy field of God consciousness that hovers above us and nourishes our bodies, minds and souls. It is fed by the light from the Great Central Sun. "We are one" is a common phrase among brothers and sisters of light around the world. In reality this is precisely the case. The I AM Presence of each one of us connects us to each other and to God. Although God has multiplied his Presence billions of times over, he is still one undivided whole. Since each of us bears an individual portion of God, so we are all united in that one Spirit. Thus, a web of light is woven between all people of light on earth. Truly, we are never really alone, but part of the one manifestation of the Divine. The I AM Presence that was with us at our creation is still with us, even though it may not always feel like it. Our dense bodies are a far cry from the lightness of Spirit we experienced in the beginning. Because we have become so accustomed to material existence, we often forget that we are enormously powerful spiritual beings living in these physical bodies. What was once an effortless, natural state of being now takes work to even approximate. One way to experience this lightness of Spirit is to sound the AUM (pronounced OM). Sounding the AUM can accelerate our experience of oneness with Spirit. The Hindu Vedas describe the AUM as the one eternal syllable out of which everything that exists was created. AUM is the original sound of creation that has never ceased to sound throughout cosmos. The universal sound of AUM accelerates our atoms and draws us back to the point of our creation in Spirit. Intoning the AUM can help open our spirituals centers, or chakras, for the sound of creation to flow through us and raise us to planes of higher consciousness. Meditation is another way of increasing our connection with Spirit and tapping into the light-energy-consciousness that is our birthright. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, be seated in a meditation pose that is comfortable for you. Go within and focus your attention on your heart; you may wish to place your hand over your heart to help you focus your awareness there. Breathe deeply several ties until you feel calm and centered. With your eyes closed, intone the AUM. As you become more relaxed, begin to feel as if you are weightless, floating in space. Visualize your I AM Presence as a sun of white fire, radiating out rays of dazzling light above you. Feel yourself merging with the brilliant light of this magnificent sun. Become part of the light-energy that interpenetrates cosmos. Holding this visualization, give the following affirmation three times to affirm your oneness with Spirit. "I AM Alpha and Omega in the white fire core of being." Give the following affirmation six times. "I and my Father are one. I am my Mother are one." Intone the AUM to seal your meditation. Return to the awareness of yourself as a person in a physical body. Note your experiences and awareness in a journal. I look forward to posting the next installment. I hope you look forward to it also.

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