What we're about

Meetups taking place in London for people to share and connect - with the work of Teal being The Spiritual Catalyst for this.

The foundation of the group is a social space enabling people to connect and support each other on this beautiful journey called LIFE. The group allows for stimulating conversations and also, for those who wish, exercises such as exploring core beliefs or shadow work. People are also welcome to share ideas of wider work outside that of Teal, the group being an open forum. This openness extends to any activities (e.g. a short guided meditation) that a member may wish to share with those interested at a given Meetup.

--Portal to Teal's work--

For those new to Teal, the portal to her work can be found at http://tealswan.com/

Teal also has a YouTube channel where she shares her perspective and insights on a broad range of topics and deep questions facing humanity.


--What happens at our Meetup ?--

This varies depending on the the constellation of people at a given Meetup. The group is primarily an in person platform for people to share their experiences, what matters to them and the teachings which inspire them. Teal Swan's work is the catalyst for this group, but we often discuss other people's work. Those people attending tend to be interested in, or have studied some form of, psychology or spirituality or practice such as yoga, mediation or Reiki. Discussions often include or touch on childhood, trauma and the emotional body which Teal describes as our inner compass.

Sometimes a theme will be discussed for part of the time. Other times people have brought exercises to share which others are welcome to participate in or not. In the past these have included, cards, writing, drawing, a game, a guided meditation and even a little bit of movement or yoga. Sometimes we just have a chat and walk in the park.

The format of the Meetup is flexible and adapts according to who attends and what attendees wish to share with others.

--Is there a fee to attend ?--

Attendance is free, but Meetup charges a six monthly fee to the organiser of £85. Any donations towards this fee are gratefully received. Cash donations are welcome on the day, alternatively via Paypal: https://paypal.me/tslcmeetup?locale.x=en_GB

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