What we're about

For new members: We'd like to play with you first. Please do the following:

1: Read our group descriptions.
2: Be aware that it is not a random pick-up. We practice and aim to play organized as a team.
3: Message the organizers (Alex Li, Yi, Kevin, and Ismain) about coming to our game.
4: Come to our Friday practice & games a few times. Let's know each other.
5: There is a membership fee. We share our ownership, responsibilities, and costs.

Feel free to apply, but we will only approve it after we meet you.
Applications without trying-out with us will be rejected in 4 weeks.

We play every Friday. No exceptions.
Current Location:

1: Shoreline Athletic Field, 2450 Garcia Ave, Mountain View, CA 94043
2: Google Athletic Recreation Field Park, 2400 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043.

We are a group of friendly, experienced soccer players enjoy playing high-quality soccer games and improve our skills and team play in the long run.

What you will get by joining us:
1: Playing with friendly and skillful players; We are not pros, but most of us have 10+ years of experience.
2: Regular organized practices & games with good equipment
3: A lot touches: we pass the ball and we cap at 8 v.s. 8; 2-4 subs when extra people show up.
4: Making new friends: we are good people and we are friends on/off the field
5: As soon as you care, your opinion matters. Let's work together for making our great team culture

What we expect from you:
1: Playing possession soccer, high pressure without the ball
2: Play as a team; 2-3 touch football in general
3: Playing competitively and friendly
4: High commitment: show up regularly and on time
5: Treat people as friends and respect everyone in our game; respect our team culture

Our goal is to form a mid-sized group of regular, well-connected and skillful players to enjoy soccer and grow together. We understand it can be a challenge and that's why our group is here.

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