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WHAT IT IS: A team of runners Training and Competing on a 100% plant-based diet with certain goal races in mind: The first will be the California International Marathon with a few tune-up races leading up to CIM. OUR GOAL AND MISSION: The Project objective is to support and promote a healthy vegan diet by using Athleticism as a means to show and educate others on the benefits of eating this way, and what it can do for our performance as athletes. We welcome all runners, even if not competitive, who are willing to commit to a plant-based (i.e. vegan) diet and keep it at least through the goal race day. For some runners, this will be taken on as a new dietary challenge to see how well they perform following a plant-based lifestyle. For others, the goal will be to continue training and competing as vegans to help demonstrate how well it works! For the rest, the mission will simply be to join our team to support the cause and be part of the movement. You are welcome to train with us and come to our meetups for support and encouragement, even if you are not Vegan, however, in order to compete with us and represent Team Veg with our shirt, one must be fully plant based, with the exception of honey.

Additional Details: There will be weekly local group training & support meet-ups throughout the season, led by myself (Jed Soliz) or other Team Veg Athletes. California International Marathon was the first goal race and and now, Shamrock is the next. If you missed the signups because it is sold out, we will have other races during the spring that you can join us with. we hope to get sponsorship in the future, but for now participants must be willing to pay for there own entry fees and Team shirts. We now have "Team Veg" Cotton and Racing Tech shirts. There are a few tune-up races that I will be doing this spring to get ready for the main event and because Shamrock is mid-season There will be several after. Team Veg teammates are welcome to join me for any of these. Check meetups to find out which races we plan on doing. (Additional races may be added at a later date.) Thanks for your interest in our team! We hope to see you out there! A facebook page for this event will soon be up. Any questions you can contact me at sacvegchallengeathlete@hotmail.com

Post race: Now that CIM is finished, we will start training for another focus race in a few weeks. This will be Shamrockin Half Marathon in March. Stay tuned for Meetup Details on that!

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TEAM VEG UPDATES: JANUARY 1st 2014. Hello all :) Happy New Year!! Wow, what a year 2013 was! Quite exciting and eventful really :) So many of us had great accomplishmeants! Some ran our first half marathon and some of us set new personal records. More importantly though, we played a role in representing our team. A team that is about more then just setting records and climbing to new heights. Team Veg is about making an impact and dfference in the bigger picture! SO much good can come from the vegan lifestyle and we are out to prove through athleticism, that one can thrive and be a successful runner when we leave animal products off our plate. It doesn't matter if we are slow or fast, competitive or not, we all have the opportunity to shine our light and inspire someone when we show up in this world, represent and fight for what we believe in! This is why I encourage and ask that everyone who wants to be apart of this team and believe in what we are doing, please wear a team shirt for all our races that you participate in. I will work on making more sizes and styles available to make this easier. We have been lenient about this in the past, but wearing the shirt and having it be visible is really essential to achieving our goal and agenda so I feel that it is necessary to ask this of you. Thank you and I hope that you all understand :) We are going to start up training meetups and events again this month. I have some exciting things in store for us! Dionne has offered to host a couple training meetups a week. Thank you Dionne! I will soon post a list of suggested races. If you would all please list which races you are interested in doing, that would be great and helpful! I don't know what the future holds, but I have a good feeling about 2014 :) I hope to help make it an active, inspiring and life changing year with you all! OLDER POSTS: Let's use this meetup as an online discussion about what's going on with team veg and what everyones interests are. I know everyone is busy and has conflicting schedules, so this is a good oportunaty to participate in a meeting without having to be there. I will probably move this over to a discussion panel but I wanted to send it out like this first so everyone sees it. Vegan Health and Fitness is interested in doing a story on us! This is very exciting news! We will be featurd in their magazine and it will really help us get our name out there! Vegan is such a powerful movement! I believe it is the movement that could save the world one day!!! It is important that as many of us come together to represent! Strength comes in numbers, so the more the better! We need to get as many pictures as possible at meetups and races so we can send them to the magazine editor and they can do a really awesome story on us!! So it would be great to have a team photographer. If anyone knows of one that would be willing to take our pics at races and events, please let me know! It has come at last! Our first focus race has come and gone and it was a huge success!! Nearly four months ago, I set out on my Vegan Fitness Challenge to see where it would take me, what was possible and what I could do. It feels as though I jumped from one seen to the next, because here I am after a long hard season and it feels like just yesterday that I was turning 30 and about to embark on my first Vegan Season.... and boy, what a season!! It was my best yet! But I don't think that I could have done it without the support and encouragement of loving friends and family and an amazing team of Vegan runners who gave me inspiration and encouragement along the way!! Thanks so much Team Veg!! What's Next? Well, our season may be over, but our journey has just begun! This is the start of something truely wonderful! I have much in store for next year. Our next focus race is going to be Shamrockin Half Marathon, with a couple tune up race ahead of it and few races after, during the spring. I look forward to continuing to bring awareness and shining light on the Vegan movement with you all next year! It feels so good to run for something greater then ourself :) "Our Name is Team Veg and We're on a mission, to change the world with Plant based Nutrition!!" Just a little clip from my Team Veg Rap. Anyway, it's going to be great! Extra shirts. Ok, so we still have some shirts available and more on the way. Right now we mostly have mens tech shirt and Cotton shirts for both Men and Women. About the middle December we will get a new shipment of a few womens tech shirts. The original shirts have the awesome logo on the front that says "Team Veg running, Powered by Plant, but is blank on the back. The new shirts have that same logo on the front, but say "Plant Powered Athlete" on the back, however, they are a bit more expensive due to extra printing cost. Let me know if you are interested in any shirts and I will let you know if we have the right size and style, and if not, then we will put you down for the next order. We are doing cotton long sleeve- our cheepest option, about $10 a shirt, or we have running tech shirts in racing jersey, short sleeve and long sleeve. Men and Women options for both versions. Well, that's all for now but I will likely be adding info later. Thanks for reading this and being a part of this awesome team! Plant Powered Athletes! Team Organizer and Captain Jedidiah Soliz

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