What we're about

I am gathering a team of empowering and motivating individuals from all walks of life. I have been in search of a group or meetup for years to meet a specific need and have yet to find one. The goal to start, is to meet once a week for a walk/jog/run. During this workout a system will be implemented where we all can learn and grow from each other. Navigating through life is not easy and the roads can get bumpy at times. We all have advice and learning experiences that we can share with each other. What better way to navigate through it all then with a T.E.A.M of empowering people?
What does “T.E.A.M” stand for?

• Transforming

• Empowering

• Accepting

• Motivating

Not only are we T.E.A.M(ING) up for each other, we are also T.E.A.M(ING) up for ourselves. To Transform, Empower, Accept and Motivate ourselves.

Upcoming events (1)

Sunken Meadow State Park Morning Walk.

Sunken Meadow Beach

Calling all beach lovers! Sunken Meadow boardwalk, will be an early morning walk or jog! There is a parking fee of $10, or The Empire pass is accepted. We will walk for approx 2 miles taking in the scenery. Our goal is to start our day finding peace within ourself and our surroundings. Ending with a nice stretch. Items to consider bringing: Beach Towel, Water bottle, Sunscreen/bugspray

Past events (4)

Robert Moses State Park Morning Beach Walk/jog

Robert Moses Field 5 (LIGTC)

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