PentaBAR #9 // Augmenting Reality with JavaScript - Chapter 1


👁 Virtual has never been more real. Untold are its prospects but so are its limits. Or is virtual limitless? AR means, after all, never-ending motion and active creativity into a layered universe whereas VR is felt more authentically induced by the users. For a new perception of reality, all JavaScript-fashioners are invited to the first chapter of a journey into the digital unknown:

- Introduction to Augmented Reality;
- Rendering 3D Content to the Web;
- A-frame, VR for the People;
- 10' Live Coding.

🤩 Blending reality with virtual dazzles many people nowadays but how impressive is this to developers? Is it natural to cope with the tasks of rendering 3D content to normality?

🧐 Alex, a high-tech lo-fi purist, opportunistic by nature looking for interesting ways to interact with technology, is more than willing to “web” animate a session of fantasy interaction and transform Pentalog's office into his playground. A Hobo, Coder and Thinker, Alex is a wanderer permanently wondering about new adventures in the tech landscape.

🙌 Got some time to feel the freedom of frenetic web translation of reality? Have a beer, don't stand up! Eyes closed or not and let your imagination run! 🍻 🥜