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What is .NYC ?

.NYC is the new domain address for New York City based businesses and websites. Released to New York residents in the Fall of 2014.

What is this group? We are Meetup.nyc !
We discuss the use and ownership of .nyc domain names, ways to develop them and allows you to stay up to date on the cutting edge of technology in New York. A network of both investors and business that want to develop or switch to .nyc business name. Our goal is to help you be on cutting edge of .nyc domain know how. Helping NYC businesses!

Who Is It For and Why?
It meant to an online address for New York City business, organization or resident website.

.NYC domain can help you identify with New York City, rank better on SEO and giving you a great short domain name which you would never be able to get on .com

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Exclusive Virtual Networking (Online Event) - Do 1 on 1 chat with All Attendees

MUST CONFIRM RSVP ON EVENTBRITE WITH BELOW LINK LOGIN INFORMATION WILL BE SHARED AFTER REGISTRATION. https://bit.ly/3hVT1Ef Don't miss out on this opportunity to make meaningful connections with other entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders, all from the comfort of your own home or office. Do 1 on 1 chat with All Attendees Share Your Experiences Ask Questions Exchange Career Tips Build your Professional Network All Online From Any Device - Computer, Laptop, Tablet Or Phone. From Your Home Or Office We use an online, cloud-based platform to make it easy and fun for you to participate. After signing in from your home, office, smartphone or tablet, you’ll participate in 1 - on - 1 chats with other attendees in smaller chat rooms. Make sure your video and voice is enabled. Once you register, you’ll receive a link with login instructions MUST CONFIRM RSVP ON EVENTBRITE WITH BELOW LINK LOGIN INFORMATION WILL BE SHARED AFTER REGISTRATION. https://bit.ly/3hVT1Ef Important COVID-19 Related Topics To Be Discussed 1) Career Related How to Look For Job During COVID-19. Best Online Interviewing Tips 2) Start-Up Related Do & Don’t Startup Pitch What Are VCs Looking for In Startup 3) Business Related How To Manage Your Business During COVID-19 We’re passionate about creating meaningful connections to help you be successful in your business. That’s why we’re keeping this event intimate with attendance being capped at 20 people. Given the nature of the event, we guarantee 1-on-1 with at least 10 networkers. You’ll also have two seasoned facilitators to guide your conversations and help you get the most out of this event. MUST CONFIRM RSVP ON EVENTBRITE WITH BELOW LINK LOGIN INFORMATION WILL BE SHARED AFTER REGISTRATION. https://bit.ly/3hVT1Ef Limited Tickets Don't wait, register now to attend!

Pitches Your Ideas to Most Sort-out VCs

Online event

****VIRTUAL EVENT***** New York Entrepreneurs, Startup & Business Coalition Meet Venture Capitalists & Angel Investors- Pitch Your Idea (ON ZOOM) + 1:1 VIRTUAL NETWORKING Pitch Your Idea Are you a startup looking to pitch your company in front of an audience and panel of expert Startups, VC's and Audience? This is your chance. Meet, field questions, and get immediate feedback from investors and Audience Meet the VCs and get advice on how founders should calculate and justify their valuation at an early stage? RSVP Mandatory on below link- https://bit.ly/37NBrRm Agenda & Learning - Introduction - What can companies do to get off the ground and raise VC money - How to get featured in popular publications - What do VCs want in the founder? - What is the best way to get in touch with Angel Investors or VCS? - What are the biggest mistakes founders make when pitching VCS? HOW THIS WORKS Interested startups are required to block a slot in the ticket section on the event. There are 2 types of slots available; 3 MINUTES PITCH SLOT OR 1.5 MINUTES PITCH SLOT Joshua Siegel - General Partner of Acronym Venture Capital Joshua Siegel is the General Partner of Acronym Venture Capital, and oversees the day to day activities and operations including evaluating early stage technology companies seeking funding, assisting current portfolio companies with development and interaction with LPs, attracting LP capital, and developing Acronym's professional network. Joshua has extensive experience and connections in technology, real estate, luxury lifestyle brands, digital media, and consumer products. Joshua was formerly the General Partner of Rubicon Venture Capital, a top performing US VC, Director of Market Intelligence at Citicorp Debt Capital Markets, Manager Eastern European Banking Systems at Citibank and was with the Overseas Private Investment Corp (OPIC). He has invested into such companies as Daily Harvest, Super Coffee, Nylas, Superhuman, Todaytix, LISNR, Unikrn, Domio, NexHealth and Easyship to name a few. RSVP Mandatory on below link- https://bit.ly/37NBrRm Chris Eng - Investor at Sands Capital Ventures Chris is an investor at Sands Capital Ventures where he focuses on investments in the AI/ML, cybersecurity, and IT infrastructure sectors. Prior to Sands Capital, Chris worked as a Business Operations Manager at Merlon Intelligence, a machine learning startup helping financial institutions to prevent financial crime. He also has previous experience as a product manager and consultant at Promontory Financial Group. Chris received his MBA with Honors from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and has a BS in Foreign Service from Georgetown University. Emily Bestwick - Program and Investment Officer at ECMC Foundation Emily Bestwick supports Education Innovation Ventures, ECMC Foundation’s Program-Related Investment portfolio, with a specific emphasis on linking the Foundation's impact investment activity with its focus on improving student success. Prior to joining ECMC Foundation, Emily was an associate at Prudential Financial,She’s committed to leveraging capital for improving equitable outcomes among learners and jobseekers. RSVP Mandatory on below link- https://bit.ly/37NBrRm Hosted By - New York Entrepreneurs, Startup & Business Coalition. Facebook Page - https://bit.ly/3hRrIMC Facebook Group- https://bit.ly/3fOX7NI Meetup Group - https://bit.ly/3hV6VaP Instagram - www.instagram.com/professionalunite/ RSVP Mandatory on below link- https://bit.ly/37NBrRm

Fashion & Lifestyle Trends From Influencer Viewpoint- Meet Callie Manders

NOTE - THIS IS A VIRTUAL EVENT 7:00 PM (E.S.T) ______________________________________ Zoom Login Details Will Be Shared Only With Attendees Closer To The Date Of The Event Through Email. ______________________________________ RSVP ON EVENTBRITE TO GET ZOOM LINK https://bit.ly/2JiJRWE The word Influencer is so new that it is still flagged by spell-check as a typo. What are these mythical creatures? We know that influencers are eagerly pursued by marketers and brands to endorse their products. Influencers have two main features. One, they are perceived to be experts about a particular type of product or service. Two, they have leverage within a certain community due to their personal engagement and rapport with them. They are different than the celebrities of old because they have expertise in the product they are endorsing, and they regularly communicate with their fans and audience. The have turned into household names in recent years, and the industry is now worth up some billion dollars. Its not going to disappear soon. Still, Many of us: - Struggle to understand what the non-traditional career consists of. - Follow them on social media and watch their exotic vacations, their great clothes and their fabulous lifestyles. - Wonder what it takes to be out there - Think we can also be the ONE out there - Steps involved in content generation - How do these rock stars stay so focused and consistent In short, Influencers have a loyal following, authenticity and trustworthiness making them so effective in persuading consumers to buy a product. So here we are giving you an opportunity to connect with a Real influencer- **Callie Manders*** RSVP ON EVENTBRITE TO GET ZOOM LINK https://bit.ly/2JiJRWE In this virtual meet, we will ask Callie's perspective about: - Her story from first login into Instagram to date. - Typical day in life of Instagram influencer - Balancing the pressure of being Instagram influencer to being a mom and not bringing stress to the tabled and consistent - Translating the love for fashion to being a fab influencer - Tips to aspire new influencers! RSVP ON EVENTBRITE TO GET ZOOM LINK https://bit.ly/2JiJRWE Callie is a fashion blogger who loves to dance. She has been doing it since she was three years old. She is into fitness and like staying in shape. She got into fashion blogging because she has always loved fashion. As a little girl, she used to go to the stores with her mom and try on every single pair of shoe in the store before she would let her leave. She loves styling outfits and seeing the clothes come to life. For her, important life memories have always been associated with what she was wearing at that time. Some people remember places, or smells, or things like that. She makes memories by the outfits she was wearing. Fashion has always been important to her and now she loves sharing her passion with the world through her Insta blog. She hopes to inspire others with her passion and show fun ways to style outfits. Callie is also very family oriented. She is super close with her family and have 7 nieces and nephews. Her favorite color is pink. When not blogging, she loves enjoying simple things like coffee, puzzles, hallmark movies, concerts, the lake, wine, cozy blankets and socks. Link - https://www.instagram.com/calliemariexo/ Hosted By - New York Entrepreneurs, Startup & Business Coalition. Facebook Page - https://bit.ly/3hRrIMC Facebook Group- https://bit.ly/3fOX7NI Meetup Group - https://bit.ly/3hV6VaP Instagram - www.instagram.com/professionalunite/ RSVP ON EVENTBRITE TO GET ZOOM LINK https://bit.ly/2JiJRWE

Onlive Event: NamescCon Online Tickets are Live Now

Needs a location

NamesCon is the premier event in the domaining industry, bringing together the people who build and grow this dynamic sphere of the tech world. Join us for NamesCon Online—NamesCon’s comprehensive virtual event—to connect with the forces that shape the future of this business. NamesCon is the best place to connect for success: build the strong relationships and strategic partnerships that drive this person-to-person industry. From January 27th-29th, the domaining world comes together once again to chart its path through this period of disruption and change. From governing and managing bodies to channels and service providers; from strategic investors to the end customer, you’ll meet everyone involved in this constantly-evolving space. We’re proud to be a NamesCon partner, and we hope to see you there. Registration is now open. RSVP >>> https://namescon.online

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