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Startups - Practice your pitch!


The Spaniard

3 Skipper Street · Belfast

How to find us

Upstairs in the private bar

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Do you struggle with your elevator pitch? To help, we've created the perfect opportunity to practice your pitch and receive feedback in a relaxed, friendly and supportive environment. As with all our events it's also a great networking opportunity, to meet other like minded people in the Startup community.

You'll be allocated a time to stand up and deliver a 90 second pitch and receive questions / feedback from the group (approx 5 mins each). No mic, no slides, completely informal!

6 - 6:45pm: Drinks, pizza & networking.
6:45 - 8pm: Pitches / Q&A.
8 - 9pm: More drinks & networking!

Pitching or spectating, all members are welcome to attend. Please register to pitch prior to the event here:

Pitchers! Use our tips to help prepare and improve your pitch:


You must be passionate about your idea. If you are not passionate about the problem you are solving, how can you expect your audience to be. We’ve all watched pitches where someone has just oozed that passion/excitement for their idea, and it has an infectious result, we want them to succeed. We’ve also seen those pitches where you just want to shrink under the table as it’s so uncomfortable to watch.

So how to you bring that passion out in your pitch. It can start with your story of how you came up with the idea.

Delivering a great story at the beginning of your pitch helps to create that emotional connection with your audience, whether it's an uplifting or heart wrenching story that led you to starting your business, and your passion for the problem you are solving. The story sets the tone for your pitch and is weaved through-out your pitch.

Key elements can include:
- how you came up the idea
- why you are passionate about it
- your vision for the business/industry
- your hook that keeps people interested in listening and something they will remember

You must be succinct in both what you say and what is on your pitch deck. Use minimal text and images to support your key messages. This also applies to our Q&A time post pitch. Less is more!

95% of pitches we see don’t have a clear path to customer acquisition and eventual revenue. Yes the business model and how you will make money is critical. But if you can’t get customers, keep them engaged using your product/service, and get them referring new customers, then you don’t have a business.

Stand out from the pack and make sure you have a solid Go-To-Market Strategy and Business Model!

As with anything you do in life, the more you do it the better you become. Practicing your pitch in all environments is critical to knowing your content so well you can deliver your pitch without a pitch deck. Once you know your content you can then focus on amping up your passion, eye contact with audience and body language. Some tips:
- Practice in front of the mirror, with friends, colleagues and parents. It's surprising how often we use industry lingo. Not everyone you pitch too will be a subject matter expert in the industry you are in. Your friends/parents can give you immediate feedback on whether they get the problem you are solving and how you are solving it.
- Record your pitch on your phone and listen to when commuting and meditating.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Caroline, Phil & Dermot