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Want to know what's happening in the Asheville tech scene? Join us for Tech Talks where we will highlight local leaders in tech for 15-minute lightning round talks.

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Jonathan Hoppe, Founder at Total Uptime Technologies
Total Uptime® is Enhanced Internet Delivery, the next evolution of Application Delivery as a Service. We secure, accelerate, connect-to and increase availability for any online application anywhere. Through a single unified panel that eliminates multi-cloud and multi-datacenter complexity, our customers easily regain complete control over the delivery of SaaS, APIs, ecommerce, websites, IOT endpoints and everything in between. While Total Uptime is headquartered in Asheville, its employees enjoy working from their favorite spots around the world serving a global customer base.

Carl Finch, CEO & CTO at aabaBot
aabaBot now known as is a platform that helps you in building a SaaS platform that auto-configured account management for your users with four roles backed in and stripe payment integration so you can charge the users to access the SaaS platform. Users can build their SaaS platform using startupcode by providing a MySQL database schema for the app generator and it will run through the db schema and generate all models, views and controllers required to create, read, update and delete the data for that database using a nodejs MVC pattern with an Express.js web framework. Because this generator completes in one second from the time the user uploads their database schema to the platform and generates all CRUD operations for the user, it saves teams on average $18k when they build their SaaS platforms using MySQL and a nodejs tech stack.

Aron Kansal, Founder & CEO at SimpleTix
Host events? Try SimpleTix. Create your event page in minutes. Connect your PayPal, Square, or Stripe account and get paid instantly. Founder, Aron Kansal will discuss his company's recent growth and new offerings.

Rick Barley, Systems Management Engineer & Jon Wilson, Front-End Developer at the City of Asheville
The City of Asheville has built a notification tool for the community to receive proactive information about development in Asheville. Rather than waiting to learn about a proposed hotel late in the approval process, people can now get notified as soon as an initial application is delivered to the City of Asheville. This project democratizes access to information and empowers community members to get involved early in the development process when there is still time to influence the outcomes. You can find the development dashboard here ( and the associated notifications tool here ( Rick and Jon will discuss their work in bringing this project to fruition along with the project's impact on the people of Asheville.

GS Jackson, Co-Founder at Blockstamped
The Blockstamped platform : Detects deep fakes. Foils false narratives. Authenticates content ownership. Offers two-way transparent analytics. The Blockstamped app ecosystem includes Bassed - a blockchain app that performs media licensing and royalty remittance; Politisign - a blockchain app that offers secure, unhackable voting history and election audits.

Kat Houghton Ph.D., Co-Founder & CEO at ilumivu

Full lineup of featured speakers TBA!