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This group is for Dev teams, UX teams, and anyone else who has something compelling and innovative to share. This will be an opportunity to discuss cutting edge things, to mingle with other tech minded people, and to learn more about technical topics that are relevant for the community. So feel free to come in and learn about cool stuff, amongst other smart folks like yourself!

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Focusing on user happiness - Service Level Objectives in Google Cloud Monitoring

Title: Focusing on user happiness with Service Level Objectives in Google Cloud Monitoring Abstract: Service Level Objectives (SLOs) provide a customer-focused perspective on system reliability, including availability and performance. Join Yuri Grinshteyn from the Customer Engineering Reliability (CRE) team to learn about the fundamentals of SLOs and how to implement them for your Google Kubernetes Engine and Compute Engine workloads. Speaker bio: Yuri Grinshteyn is a Customer Reliability Engineer at Google Cloud in San Francisco. He works with GCP customers to help them design, architect, build, and operate reliable applications and services and advocates for SRE principles and practices. He occasionally writes code in Node.js, Python, and Go and likes to play video games on the train ride to work. Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85918067602

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