• How the Tech Industry Can Serve the LGBTQ+ Community

    Come Join Four Winds Interactive to celebrate Pride. Our Chief Diversity Officer Megan Abman will moderate a panel discussion with guest speakers from Tutti Networks and Culture Energized, that critically examines the role in which the tech industry has in serving as a catalyst for equality, specifically through the lens of the LGBTQ+ Community. The discussion will not only examine where the tech industry currently stands, but also evaluate its potential in serving this larger purpose and what it will take to accomplish this vision. Light apps and beverages will be served.

  • Tech Talks @ FWI - Our Journey to Serverless

    Four Winds Interactive

    For many years, modern web architecture has centered on deploying applications through always-on compute resources, broad sets of microservices, and infrastructure that relied on fairly continuous maintenance. In 2014, Amazon introduced AWS Lambda (a severless computing platform that prioritizes feature development over infrastructure management) and changed the web application paradigm forever. Join Damir Durmo, Chris Soto, and Ricardo Lopez, senior members of FWI’s Software team, as they detail the company’s journey to serverless, tell the story of how the company rapidly expanded its modern cloud with AWS Lambda, and provide key insights into common challenges and pitfalls with serverless computing.

  • Building Enterprise-grade IoT with AWS

    Four Winds Interactive

    IoT (Internet of Things) is one of the most common, most utilized buzzwords into today’s tech landscape. Coupled with this excitement is a legion of questions: is this concept ready for the enterprise? How can it be done securely? How well does it scale (and who is responsible for scaling it appropriately)? At this event, FWI Software Architect Jason Ripley and other members of the Development team will discuss AWS IoT, Amazon’s managed cloud platform for deploying, provisioning, maintaining, and troubleshooting large quantities of IoT devices spread throughout the world. The team will also share how FWI is utilizing this framework to create the next generation of its award-winning visual communications platform. We’ll also have food, drink, and time to network! Additional details to come.