• How Can Games Change the World? (6 Speakers)

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    How can we utilize the power of games to change politics, social awareness and self perception? Join us to learn from an incredible list of six thought leaders, in an evening dedicated to games for social change. 6 Speakers: Our keynote Speaker: Asi Burak (CEO of Power Play and Chairman of the board of Games for change) will tell us about the trends and challenges in the field. Dori Adar (Founder, Hands on games), will show us how to create viral political games. Idan Hail (Founder, Insight sparks), has created a game which purpose is to reduce feelings of hate and racism, and will share his insights. Arik Segal (An expert in managing international crisis) will tell us how he uses technology to bridge between enemies. Anat Shperling (Co-founder, Toya), is teaching girls how to be princesses and kill dragons while at it. Uri Mishol (Games for Peace), is diminishing prejudice among "tribes" in the Israeli society. *The event is going to be held in Hebrew *This Meetup is in collaboration with Game Design Israel -- Meet us at UX Salon 2017 Two days of intensive UX learning in Tel Aviv http://2017.uxsalon.com/

  • Be a game designer! Opportunities in the gaming industry.

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    Video games will become a $99.6 Billion industry this year as mobile overtakes consoles and PCs. This massive growth necessarily means that all the big boys are inside, enjoying the wealth. However there is still a place for sole developers, entrepreneurs and game enthusiasts that would like to make an impact on the gaming world. In this talk, we will give a framework for finding opportunities in the crowded gaming space, and we will learn from the history of gaming on how to predict the future of its industry. Speaker is Dori Adar, founder of Hands on Games, a gaming school and consultancy group specializes in games and playful products. *This meetup is in collaboration with Game Design Israel Who should attend? Entrepreneurs, Game Designers, UX Designers, Game Enthusiasts. -- Meet us at UX Salon 2017 Two days of intensive UX learning in Tel Aviv http://2017.uxsalon.com/

  • UX Salon Presents: Fail : UX

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    Fail : UX is an inspirational evening event in collaboration with UX Salon where designers and entrepreneurs will give an honest testimonial about the hardships they encountered on their way to success and the lessons learned to become better at their craft. This event is free but requires registration (https://nvite.com/UXSalon/f443). For more information and registration: https://nvite.com/UXSalon/f443 RSVP Here: https://nvite.com/UXSalon/f443 -- --

  • Designing Principles for Onboarding New Users

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    What's true for people also holds for websites, apps, and services: you never get a second chance to make a first impression. The first few clicks determine what impression your user's forms of your company. And no matter how intuitive or easy to use, your nifty app has to introduce itself and teach your users how to use it. The slightest moment of friction and frustration, and they leave for the next "free trial" competitor on the web or app store, never to be seen again. This is especially true for freemium online and social games, where the only reason to stay around is that users have fun from the first click. This talk by Sebastian Deterding (http://codingconduct.cc/About) Will give you some insights into design principles and patterns for successful onboarding, gleaned from games and apps. Sebastian Deterding is a designer and researcher working on persuasive, playful, and motivational design. As independent designer and associate of the international design agency Hubbub, he has created persuasive applications touching millions of users for clients such as the BBC, BMW, Greenpeace, Otto Group, Xing, or Tribal DDB, as well as several startups. *This event will be in English Additional talks: Eran Gans, UX Lead at SAP Labs will discuss 'UX for moving target'. "UX for moving target" Shiri Bar Or, a Senior Product Manager at Conduit will share her secrets and will talk about 'Wow mobile experience for SMB' This event is in collaboration with Socialize (http://www.meetup.com/Socialize-Social-Business-Israel/)! Social Business Israel

  • The $1M+ Crowdfunding User Experience

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    If someone told you that you could make a million dollars a month would you believe them? Not many people are aware of the fact that “Coolest (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ryangrepper/coolest-cooler-21st-century-cooler-thats-actually)”; the most successful Kickstarter campaign with over $13M in funding, was a failure just six months prior to launch. It had previously ran a campaign that came in $23,000 short of its goal. What were the secrets of his success? What did he do during those six months that made all the difference in the world when he launched the product? Come learn the secrets to make the money you deserve on your next campaign. Ari Gottesmann a serial entrepreneur and Israels leading crowdfunding expert, has been the Co-founder of multiple start-ups attaining one successful exit. Previously to Founding Nomadigo (http://nomadigo.com/), he Co-Founded Sightix, a unique social search engine, prior to that Ari Co-Founded NomadIQ, a mobile location based social networking service for consumers, where he was responsible for creating the companies exit to OmniSky (NASDAQ:OMNY) for $40 Million. Ari serves in the IDF Spokespersons Office as an International Press Liaison Officer and received his Executive MBA from the Kellogg School of Management in 2004. Agenda: 18:30: Delicious Snacks & Coffee / Networking 19:00: Welcome & Intro 19:05: Presentation by Ari Gottesmann *This presentation will be in English

  • The Startup Value Proposition: What is the Perceived Value of Your Product?

    A perceived value is the worth that a product or service has in the mind of the user. Even if your product is free the user's perceived value of a good or service affects the time that he or she is willing to invest in it. If the value of your product isn’t clear, its price will always be too high. In this presentation, Matan Bar, Head of Product for the eBay Israel Innovation Center, will tell us how to optimize the value of your products and show us how to create healthy ratio between the perceived value and the price that makes products succeed or fail. Matan Bar (https://www.linkedin.com/in/matanbar) is the Head Of Product at the eBay Israel Innovation Center, a rapid prototyping unit that is responsible for building innovative web/mobile experiences for eBay Inc. Previously, Matan co-founded The Gifts Project in November 2009 and has served as Chief Product Officer since its inception and until the eBay acquisition, September 2011. Agenda: 18:30: Delicious Snacks & Coffee / Networking 19:00: Welcome & Intro 19:05: Presentation by Matan Bar *This presentation will be in English

  • Yigal Arnon & Co.'s Session on Tips & Tools on How to Protect Your Venture's IP

    PLEASE REGISTER HERE: http://www.arnon.co.il/article/registration-form?conf=2413 You are invited to attend a unique professional session we are holding in cooperation with Yigal Arnon & Co., one of Israel's leading and most prominent law firms and IATI (Israel Advanced Technologies Industries). The event will focus on providing tips and tools on how to protect your venture's intellectual property. It is aimed to familiarize you with useful insights and helpful guidelines concerning the legal aspects of your venture's technology and its day-to-day use. This is definitely one of the most critical aspects involving the work of every entrepreneur, startup and early-stage investor out there. In addition, the event will provide you with a great opportunity to meet Yigal Arnon's practitioners and get a better understanding on their unique approach to representing early stage high-tech ventures. An event not to be missed for all of you involved in technology and entrepreneurship! 19:00 – 19:30 - Gathering 19:30 – 19:40 - Welcome Words by Mr. Tzvika Preisler-Cohen - Introduction to Yigal Arnon & Co. 19:40 – 19:50 - Brief Overview by Adv. Guy Lachmann on Yigal Arnon & Co.’s Startup, VC and M&A Practices 19:50 – 20:30 - Adv. Eli Greenbaum – Oracle vs. Google: Case Study Analysis – Tips & Tools on How to Protect Your Venture's Intellectual Property – Google launched the Android operating system in 2007, and was soon sued by Oracle for infringement of Java programming language technology. The case provides a fascinating inside look into the business of high-stakes high technology, as well as important lessons for all companies looking to protect their own IP. If you are an entrepreneur or involved in an innovative startup, this lecture will provide you with vital lessons in protecting your technology. 20:30 – 21:00 - Q&A Session 21:00 Informal Networking Session with JEM'S – Ice Chilled Premium Draft Beer IMPORTANT - REGISTRATION IS DONE THROUGH THIS LINK: http://www.arnon.co.il/article/registration-form?conf=2413

  • Max.Market Velocity-Ari Gottesmann(Nomadigo) & Social Business-Sandy Carter(IBM)

    About the talk (19:00-19:30): At very short notice, after we heard that Sandy Carter, IBM'S VP of Social Business was going to be in Israel next week for only 2 days - we approached her and asked if she would be willing to dedicate half an hour of her time in order to share her vast experience and provide personal tips for Start-Ups in the field of social business. She agreed, so we're privileged to open the event with Sandy! About the speaker: Sandy Carter is Vice President, Social Business and Collaboration Solutions Sales and Evangelism, where she is responsible for setting the direction for IBM’s Social Business initiative, working with companies who are becoming Social Businesses, and being the evangelist for the concept and best practices around Social Business. Prior to her current position, Ms. Carter was VP, Software Business Partners and Midmarket where she was responsible for IBM’s worldwide software ecosystem initiatives, achieving 5 consecutive quarters of General Business growth, 20%+ Software Value Incentive (SVI) growth, and double digit Application Specific License (ASL) growth. She has won recognition from VAR Business, CRN Channel Champions, Xchange Excellence, and Forrester ISV Partner Program for IBM’s Business Partner program. She was also VP, SOA, BPM and WebSphere Strategy, Channels and Marketing where she drove IBM’s Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) marketing efforts to achieve 70% market share for SOA, and where IBM WebSphere® became a market leader, receiving more than 34 industry awards. Fast Company named Ms. Carter one of the most influential women in technology, and Everything Channels CRN magazine named her one of the most powerful 100 women in channels in 2010 and 2009. Ms. Carter is the best selling author of two books: “The New Language of Business: SOA & Web 2.0”, which won the Platinum MarCom Award in 2008, and “The New Language of Marketing 2.0: Social Media”, which won the Silver MarketingSherpa award in 2009. She is an avid social media evangelist , leading an award winning marketing team to 27 awards, and is one of the top Bloggers and Twitter-ers in IBM. Ms. Carter received MarCom awards for her blogger and Twitter communities and for the 2010 Business Partner Virtual Event. She has also been recognized by World Brand Congress as 2009 Brand Leader of the Year, and by Altimeter Group as one of the top 10 women in social media. She is on the board of WITI (Women in Technology International) Executive Advisory Council, WITI GEN (Global Executive Network), the Forrester CMO Council, and International Child Art Foundation (ICAF). She also serves as a Board Member of the Grace Hopper Industry Advisory Committee. She is a member of the Marketing Focus Advisory Council; the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Inner Circle, the American Management Association (AMA), and the Society of Women Engineers (SWE). She was honored twice with the AIT United Nations Member of the Year award for helping developing countries in the area of technology. Ms. Carter is listed in Madison’s Who’s Who and the Cambridge Who’s Who. She was named “Best Speaker” by Baptie & Co for receiving the highest speaker rating of 4.9 at the Baptie 2010 Channel Focus North America/Latin America conference. AlwaysOn named Ms. Carter to the “Top 25 Women in Tech to Watch” list in 2010. She was inducted into the WITI Hall of Fame in September 2010. The WITI Hall of Fame Award was designed to recognize women’s innovation across different fields of science and technology and to encourage young girls and women to become more technologically literate, as well as choose careers in science and technology. Ms. Carter holds a Bachelor of Science degree in math and computer science from Duke University and an MBA from Harvard, and is fluent in eight programming languages. She received a patent for developing a methodology and tool to help customers create a technology deployment path in automation of their IT processes. About the talk (19:30-21:00): What's the MVP to Achieve Maximum Market Velocity? How to effectively manage your product launch… Coming up with the idea and building the product was the easy part – getting people to pay for it, now that’s a significant challenge. How to avoid the pitfalls that 90% of the Israeli start-ups make and assure a smooth product launch with a trajectory that delivers hockey stick growth and performance. Market tricks and tips to get you airborne and keep you flying high making the investors chase you instead of you them. Ari Gottesmann, Founder & CEO of Nomadigo (http://www.nomadigo.com/) About the speaker: Ari a serial entrepreneur, has been the Co-founder of two technology start-ups attaining one successful exit. Utilizing his vast business experience he founded Nomadigo (http://www.nomadigo.com/) to help other entrepreneurs avoid the pitfalls inherent in the start-up industry. Previously he Co-Founded Sightix, a unique social search engine, and served as their VP Business Development & Marketing responsible for all business activity at the company. Prior to that Ari Co-Founded and served as VP Business Development & Marketing at NomadIQ, a mobile location based social networking service for consumers, where he was responsible for creating the companies exit to OmniSky (NASDAQ:OMNY) for $40 Million in 2001. In addition to his vast internet & telecom experience, Ari has provided business consulting in the areas of capital equipment, optics, biotech, medical & enterprise software. Ari serves in the IDF Spokespersons Office as an International Press Liaison Officer and received his Executive MBA from the Kellogg School of Management in 2004.

  • Marketing for Start-Ups Q&A session with Shira Abel

    About the talk: The talk will be about marketing. When to start, how to think about it and what to do. I prefer question and answer sessions - so please come with questions ready and feel free to interrupt me through the entire presentation. But people like presentations - so the PPT will be about: When to start thinking about marketing How to think about marketing (product / market fit) Oh shit! We launched and have no users! Now what? - I'll explain different ways to grow, when to grow and how to grow How to raise the customer lifetime value (in other words, they came and left - which is bad. I tell you how to get them to come, stay, and come back) The value of a brand Whatever issues you're having. Seriously. I've worked B2B, B2D, and B2C. I have 15 years of experience. Take advantage folks. Bring questions. About the speaker: Shira Abel founded Hunter & Bard (http://hunterandbard.com/) in May 2011 and serves as its CEO. Before Hunter & Bard, Ms. Abel was the Director of Marketing at Aniboom and doubled the revenues from its commercial YouTube channel by changing its methodology of engagement via social marketing. Previously in 2006, she founded Abel Communications, and provided tech companies business development and marketing services as a consultant. Ms. Abel has also been the Director of Client Relations in an established multi-million dollar annual revenue medium-sized Internet software company, and the Head of Internet Marketing at RichFX. An early adopter with over 15 years marketing experience, her focus is on relationship (pull, inbound) marketing strategy and implementation and building marketing into the product. In addition, she’s spoken worldwide at universities and conferences on marketing for startups and social media marketing. Shira holds an Executive MBA from Kellogg School of Management. *** The event will take place on the Techloft's balcony - Bring a sweatshirt ***