Business of software startup and challenges of building one locally...

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... and discussion about building a startup community here in Cebu. A discussion led by Mark John Buenconsejo.

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Agenda (in this order)

Intro about what we are doing, who we are, where we want to go. WE = crazy nuts who wants to build a startup community. [ 10 mins ]
Building an online identity (about yourself, your group, etc.) [ 10 mins ]
Discuss challenges of doing a startup locally [ 20 mins ]
Build an online startup community, across, Twitter, Blogs, etc. [ 10 mins ]
How will a startup community help each other [ 15 mins ]
Discuss demo days [ 5 mins ]
Meet and Greet: Introduction by everyone, shameless plugging (important for now, since we want to know who's who) [ rest of the time ]

*Note: for the product demo, still waiting confirmation if they can present or will present something. If you want to demo something, that's very nice, please let me know ahead so i can call out your team in the meet and greet part.

**Note: Eating happens somewhere around the Meet and Greet part.

If you are in a startup; or would like to join one or form one, come to this meetup and help build a startup community in Cebu. Please come prepared to share your thoughts. Also, share with your friends who you think might be interested to participate.

What: Discussion about Startups
When: Thursday, January 20, 2011
Time: 6:00pm to 10pm
Where: Exist Tech Bar, Asiatown IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City

For the challenges/topics, to make the meetup efficient, please post the challenges you have encountered in your startup on this meetup page, ahead. Also, for questions or topics you want to be discussed during the meetup, please post them here. I will pick at least 6 topics that we will discuss, and posters will get one from any of these books:

'The Art of the Start' by Guy Kawasaki ( (
'Founders at Work' by Jessica Levingston ( (
'Toilet Paper Entrepreneur' by Mike Michalowicz ( (

This meetup will also have some food and drinks, and will depend on the venue and the sponsor. Hopefully, we'll be able to finalize this soon.

Limitation: The discussions in this meetup will be limited to the business of software and IT, and most likely also be global/online market, or anything web-based. I'm sure there are others who have experienced doing other kinds of startups or market, and hopefully we'll hear from them on the meetup. :D No need to be a programmer to attend, though interest and passion towards computing and Internet will probably come in handy.

Please RSVP, so we have an idea how many are attending.

UPDATE: I did a quick tally of the answers to the RSVP question, and here are the results:

+8 - Recruiting and finding good talent, and cultivating, motivating, keeping talents. Finding a co-founder, knowing who fits in a startup -- understand what's a startup.
+6 - How to bootstrap, how to start -- Should i freelance and accept consulting work, or start building on my own product.
+4 - How to get funded, where to get capital
+3 - How to get clients, and acquire clients globally.
+3 - How to transition from per-project/consulting, to scalable product-base startup.
+3 - Strategic partnership with other startups or entities to accelerate startup
+3 - Knowing what product to build, product development
+1 - Bootstrap or VC funded
+1 - How to quit and start our own company, what is the risk?
+1 - How to market a new product/concept to a target market
+1 - How to work with IP