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What we're about

This Meetup is for two kinds of people:
1) Those with an idea or early stage startup that can use some help getting it going.
2) People who want to get experience by helping someone with an idea or early stage startup, or who want to do it for fun or hobby.
The goal is to provide a medium to match these two groups. Skills needed or provided can be technical such as web or app development, design, marketing, alpha testing, or whatever you need or can offer.
This is not a job board, this is all volunteer. This is about making connections, getting help, and getting experience.
Who would want to be in group 2? Anyone wanting to improve or practice a skill they have. Anyone who wants to build real world experience like students or career changers. Anyone who may want to start their own startup someday and want to see what it's like. Anyone who works at a big corporation but wants to help out a startup for fun or curiosity. Anyone looking to expand their network in the tech and startup community.

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