GTS Episode 15: Fearless High Performance with Rust

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For the past two years, the Rust programming language has enjoyed huge success in building blazingly fast middleware in production, thanks to its focus on performance and safety. So many big companies are using Rust for building backend middleware: Facebook, Dropbox, PingCAP, Alibaba, Baidu, ByteDance - you name it.

This talk will uncover how the Rust’s ownership model and the type system rescues us from the vulnerability of critical safety problems and even eliminate logic bugs when we're developing and optimizing our distributed Redis service.

It will also give some examples of using Flamegraph, Systemtap, and Perf for Rust performance tuning.


Huang Guangxing

Guangxing is a backend developer at Sea Group. He was a video game maker and a computer graphics freak but kept working on in-memory distributed databases after graduation.


7:00 PM Registration, mingling, and snacks

7:30 PM The Talk

8:30 PM Q & A, and more mingling