GTS Episode 16: Applied AI For Noobs


There's a notion that AI is only used by python devs and requires a strong understanding of difficult mathematical concepts. This is, thankfully, a misconception. In fact, in today’s ecosystem of open source libraries, there are several tools that allow us to integrate AI easily into our everyday projects.

This talk aims to demystify jargon, tear down the illusion of difficulty, and showcase the thought process of solving problems with readily available AI libraries and models.


Ten Zhi-Yang

Ten Zhi-Yang is a Front-end Software Engineer for Shopee, working on the Mobile and PC websites. He enjoys experimenting with new technologies and different ways to abuse the web browser for tasks that they were never made for.


7:00 PM Registration, mingling, and snacks

7:30 PM The Talk

8:30 PM Q&A, and more mingling