• Signing for Inclusion

    AIB Grafton St

    Book your free ticket at: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/signing-for-inclusion-tickets-71340700957 Focus: Tech for Good Dublin in October focuses on how tech can support the learning and adoption of Irish sign language and improve inclusion for deaf people. Format: The event marks the official launch of the new, free Irish Sign Language App, created by the Inboarding team. The Inboarding team, volunteers and the Deaf community have come together to create a free app that aims to improve communication with deaf team members in the workplace. Guest presentations and demos will be followed by a short practical workshop where you'll get a chance to learn some Irish sign language! Free tea/coffee and festive treats available for everyone attending. Introduction: Lydia Gratis introduces us to the culture of Irish sign language and shares from personal experience how important adoption is for inclusion. Lydia is going into her 3rd year as the chairperson of the Irish Deaf Youth Association (IDYA) a non-profit organisation that caters to deaf and hard of hearing youth and young adults all over Ireland aged 13 – 35. She is founder of COAB platform (Chronicles of a Blossom), social media admin for LYN (Love Your Neighbour) and studying International Development at Maynooth University. Inboarding Showcase and Presentation: The Inboarding team use tech including chatbots and adaptive micro learning to create an inclusive workplace. Their initial focus is on creating an inclusive onboarding experience for Deaf team members. Their vision is to increase inclusion in the workplace across gender, race, culture and disability. https://www.inboarding.co Fernanda Martins Designer and specialist in bilingual education for Deaf children. CODA (Child of Deaf Adults), sign language was her first language and her mission is to help the Deaf community showing that the Deaf can do anything except hear. https://twitter.com/nandamartins31 https://www.linkedin.com/in/fernanda-dos-santos-martins Robson Mafra Software Engineer and technology enthusiast. More than ten years of experience in software development, on the last years working on technologies focused on Deaf community, sign language, inclusion and WorkerTech. https://twitter.com/rrobsonmafra https://www.linkedin.com/in/robsonvmafra Workshop: Start a conversation in Irish Sign Language Transformation starts with small actions and the new Irish Language app helps promotes inclusion in a practical way by helping us to start conversation in Irish Sign Language. Emma Nolan, Deaf and Irish Sign Language teacher, who helped develop the app, will teach us how to sign hello and start a conversation in Irish Sign Language. Thanks so much to our sponsors Liberty IT and AIB.