Techie Brekkie #9 / Gary Stevens / Do you know the value of your personal data?

Techie Brekkie Bristol
Techie Brekkie Bristol
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Facebook, google, twitter, many websites and services monetize our data. We give our consent and we get the service for free. But what of the cost? Do we really understand how our data is being used, who it is being sold to? There have been some high profile breaches, so even if we trust the organisation that provides a service, how safe is our data with them? If it has high value, what is the cost to us when those breaches happen. We’ll be chatting about the implications of working on systems which hold personal data, and the impact of us as individuals on sharing our data.

Are guest speaker for the morning is Gary Stevens who runs Uncommon Correlation, which is a data consultancy. They currently prioritise data security and risk analysis, but also data-driven software design and business development. Gary is very much involved in the Bristol Meet-up scene and runs South West Data. Please give him a warm welcome on the morning.