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50K Member Celebration: A Big Party for a Big Thanks (Presented by Liaison Intl)

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The Tech in Motion community across North America has been growing fast and is about to reach 50,000 members! To celebrate this incredible milestone, we will be holding simultaneous celebration events across 10 cities on December 3rd at 6pm. So mark your calendar! Please join us in Boston at: WeWork South Station (

Drinks will be served, companies will demo, local tech celebs will speak and for the first time, we will be simulcasting our events so that our members can network across state, and even country lines. It is only because of you and the rest of our 50,000 member strong community that we are celebrating this achievement.

Demo Companies

Fireside Chat Speakers

Kit Hickey, Co-Founder of Ministry of Supply (

Kit Hickey is the co-founder of Ministry of Supply (, a menswear brand which creates technically advanced professional clothing. Infusing technology into fabric development and advanced manufacturing processes, Ministry of Supply is inventing a new category of clothing: performance professional. The company has been featured in the NY Times, Fast Company, Elle Magazine and on the TODAY Show. Passionate about how people experience their clothing, Kit leads all facets of Customer Experience and is the head and heart behind Ministry of Supply’s customer-centric approach, constantly working to incorporate insights that lead to the next generation of clothes. In addition, Kit has spearheaded the launch of temporary Ministry of Supply stores in Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto and NYC. Kit has half an MBA from MIT, is a mountain lover, and is excited about inventing the category of performance professional.

Trish Fontanilla, Startup Consultant (

Trish Fontanilla is a startup consultant with a focus on community building, customer experience, and social strategy. She was most recently the Global Director of Community at Startup Institute, and prior to SI, she worked at Vsnap as their Vice President of Community & Customer Experience. In her spare time, she produces the Customer Love Summit and Customer Love Meetups in Boston and NYC, in addition to serving on the events committee for Wonder Women of Boston and mentoring for the Technovation Challenge, the Emerson College Accelerator, and the Babson College WIN Lab.


As always, this event is free to our members thanks to the continued support from Jobspring Partners ( and Workbridge Associates ( We are grateful that you continue to support Tech in Motion (, and we are excited to see you there.

Did you know Tech in Motion's network has over 2,500 open tech jobs available today across North America? Visit our Tech in Motion job board ( to learn more about these open opportunities.

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