• Creating a UI Design System


    Join us May 15th for Creating a UI Design System, presented by John Rusch, Senior UX Developer at Advicent and Brian Kingsbury UX Developer at Advicent. Abstract: Unifying developers on a shared design system can be a challenge, where differences in approach or personal preference can cause problems when working across multiple projects and codebases. The User Experience team at Advicent has implemented a custom UI pattern library that attempts to address these differences and provides a consistent language to enable a shared understanding of how UI development is done. This talk aims to walk through the process the UX development team went through to establish their UI system, the best practices that they established, and how they are continually iterating on their process and on the UI pattern library itself. We will be at Zywave on the first floor. Right as you walk in the front doors to your left will be the main lounge area where presentations and networking will take place. 5:30 - 6PM - Pizza and Networking 6:00 - 7PM - Presentation 7:00 - 7:30PM - Continued conversation and networking John Rusch: Senior User Experience Developer John specializes in translating aspirational designs into tangible working products. He has been working with Advicent for the last three years, and has worked to bridge the gap between designers and developers by establishing common understanding around UI systems. Outline 1. Intro - What is a design system? 2. What’s the use case for this? -Why not just use Bootstrap or Material? -What problems did we need to solve -What features did we need for minimum viable product 3. How did we start? -Leveraging third party design systems -Determining design specs 4. Challenges -Accessibility -White-labeling -Updating 5. Future vision -More collaborative -Language upgrades -More consistent versioning 6. Conclusion/Questions