What we're about

We are the Nvidia technical team supporting Amazon. This meet up is for Amazon employees looking to learn about technical topics relevant to Machine Learning/Deep Learning and GPU computing. Meetup for Amazon SDE, Data Scientists, Researchers and technical GPU enthusiasts.

Why join?

- Network with your peers
- Best practices for GPU optimization and access to latest research
- How to deploy GPU accelerated applications on AWS
- Latest open source tools and libraries to accelerate your workflow
- How to massively scale DL training on GPUs
- How to build Machine Learning applications in SageMaker leveraging GPU computing
- Implementation of different models and how to put them in production on AWS

We will work with the community to make sure our topics are relevant and technical so we can provide the most value possible.

Meetups will rotate between in person gatherings in Seattle and live stream for remote members.

We look forward to connecting with you!

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