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The educational program of the TechnoArt has started and taking place in the Tel Aviv Museum. The program will last two months and includes more than 60 lectures and workshops of senior experts in their fields (technology, business, art and more ...) TechnoArt (TechnoArt.org), is the first technology start-up incubator of its kind, invests in technology Start Ups that relate to the world of arts and culture in its various forms such as music, film, dance, literature, fine arts and more. "Techno Art", beginning it’s first cycle this summer in Tel Aviv, was founded with two major goals in mind - on the one hand developing innovative technologies to the world of culture and art and on the other hand working to solve the business model of this industry. TechnoArt is first in a series of Micro-funds established by socialterminals, a US based investment firm, In Israel. Focused on finding technological solutions and business models for struggling industries (such as the world of digital and print media). Additional partners in the hub include: Deloitte, the largest international business consulting firm, SKR Law Firm, and UNIK (PR) Y.A Technologies and more.

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TechnoArt Homecoming Party


TechnoArt Educational Program - 8/6 - Revital Hollander

Tel Aviv Museum - Konstantiner Hall

TechnoArt Educational Program 2.6

Tel Aviv Museum - Konstantiner Hall

TechnoArt Educational Program - 30.5 - Iam+

Tel Aviv Museum - Konstantiner Hall