Code is Easy. Humans are Hard.


When it comes to software these days coding is becoming more and more the easy part. Just think of all the options you have when it comes to languages, tools, and sites to visit for learning or questions. Heck, just look at the majority of the content here within this conference and you're overwhelmed with options. Inversely though, what are all the human things not code related that we need to be mindful of to ensure we build great software? In this session we'll take a deep dive into exploring the human characteristics behind software development and learn how we can better support them, both from within ourselves and our organizations for improved future success.

Daniel Davis is currently the founder and lead consultant at Elev8, a firm focused on raising the bar for technology and the business value it brings to organizations. He's spent the last year as an Enterprise Coach supporting Ford and the year and a half before that serving as the Director of Technology & Delivery for Autobooks. Prior to that he spent over a decade as Business Improvement Consultant focused on driving solutions at an enterprise level working with companies such as Michigan's Judicial Information Services, Delphi, AAA Life, General Motors, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cengage Learning, and Delta Dental. Daniel's other experiences over the past 20 years also include a wide range of disciplines, including but not limited to... Lean Startup Coach, Agile Software Practitioner, Polyglot Developer, Project Manager, Designer, Multi-media Marketer and Photographer. His prevailing passion lies in helping both businesses and people discover true and meaningful value in their efforts.