The Rosie Pattern Language and TDD

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Onorio will be discussing the Rosie Pattern Language(RPL)—a new approach to pattern matching in text. The famous joke “A developer has a problem. He thinks to himself, ‘I know! I’ll use a regex!’ Now he has two problems”—well RPL is all about making sure you don’t have two problems when you’re done with your pattern matching.

In addition to introducing the language, Onorio will also discuss how RPL enables test driven development of patterns. By one estimate, maybe 17% of all regex’s are actually tested. RPL gives you the tools to specify which strings should be matched, which should not and quickly double check every time you might need to maintain an expression.

Onorio is an IT Training Specialist for United Shore. He’s been writing software for 30 years or so. His most recent effort has been RoseWindow which is a language server protocol binding for RPL and VSCode. Onorio also recently helped to create and run the Detroit Tech Watch conference in June 2019.