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Technology Weekends is an idea designed to help the modern technological worker cope with the ever changing world of technology.
Take only one weekend of your time to learn a skill you can actually use the next Monday.


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BootStrapping Your PHP Developer Career

67 Voortrekker Ave


Please note the event is NOT free. Please buy tickets on the website https://www.techweekends.net/ PHP is probably the most popular programming language on the internet today, partly because it is easy to learn and you can get stuff done in minutes. This means it is the best language to start with if you are looking to enter the web development space. Today's world demands output not just qualifications. Even if you get a job as an intern you will still have pressure to produce output. In this workshop l go through the important steps you need to master to get a PHP Developer job and quickly jel into a development team while producing output to quickly move from junior to senior. Some of the topics to be covered include: Getting that developer job Fitting into an existing codebase Your First Laravel Project Introduction to API Testing This is both a theoretical and practical session meant to give you the skills and tricks to get the ground runnin on day one of your job.

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