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Let's get together and talk about the future of technology and how it will impact the economy and how people work and connect with each other.

The world has been changing at a most rapid pace, technologies that were barely thinkable in our own lifetime are now common.

This is an unparalleled time for innovation. At a time when the worldwide culture is being shaken in every direction towards (hopefully) a world where everyone's quality of life keeps on improving.. we have technology that can both make things better and make things worse.

Our interests will be in the "big new technologies". The ones that can shake up business. The ones that can shake up our day to day lives. The ones that can shake up our experience of life and how we interact and create meaning with each other.

These areas include Blockchain technologies (decentralized, complex contracts and agreements being upheld automatically; we well as virtual currencies); IoT - (where everyday objects have computer smarts and communication in them); Robotics and AI (where both automated intelligence as well as the ability to simulate human interactions in a comfortable way for humans reaches new highs) and probably many more things.

Let's join. Learn from each other. Communicate. Network. Learn about and imagine the next best ideas.

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