Queer As Tech

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We're planning a new event to coincide with the Manchester Pride Weekend!!

Arif Ali
I work at BrightBox in Tech Recruitment, predominantly Development. I have been a member of the tech community for just over 4 years now, but an avid Nando’s lover since I was a kid. I am openly gay, which, in the recruitment industry, an industry known for being full of testosterone and masculinity, I have often found myself a unicorn amongst horses. I write content and speeches for over a decade now, as well as offering insight to various political figures by way of consultancy on matters that are LGBT (as well a others). My insight will be around the quips, the perks, the downsides to being gay in a straight industry. How I have had to have a skin 3 times as tough as most other recruiters, and I have come to eventually be comfortable in my own skin/place of work.

Jessica Winters
I'm a freelance developer who's currently tutoring at RecodeUK in Bolton, helping under privileged people to get into the tech industry.

We would like to thank the event sponsors - Oscar Tech & Reason Digital
And also, thanks to our event hosts ThoughtWorks

This event is inclusive and welcomes everyone.

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