Manchester Tech End of Year Showcase

Needs a location


Wow - can't believe it's nearly 2020 already!

We've had an absolutely brilliant year in the Manchester Tech community and we've got tonnes to be proud of and lots to celebrate.

This event will be a chance for the tech and engineering communities in the city to come together and share what their 2019 has been like, and what 2020 holds.

Things to expect:
- An overview of which tech companies chose Manchester as their home
this year and why
- Who are the hottest start-ups decide!
- Who can we expect in 2020?
- Six 10 minute presentations from people on their key
lessons learned in 2019 (speakers to be announced)
- What have been the biggest challenges facing the tech community in
2019 and how can we work to solve them for next year? (the famous post-it note wall will be making an appearance)
- Exciting things happening in the city next year

There will also be a chance for you to do a 99 second talk at the end if you want to tell people about your company, if you've got big hiring plans next year, what cool tech projects you've worked on this year, or simply if you want to introduce yourself!

We're also going to have a stand with information on all the major tech community groups and meet-ups, so if you'd like to meet any organisers or volunteer this could be a chance to say hi!

Food and drinks will be provided and this is a bit of an end of year party as well, so expect an exciting mystery surprise!

Let's come together to celebrate, support and make new friends!

P.S. Recruiters please note - you are a valuable part of the tech ecosystem and very much respected; we politely ask that you wait to be invited to this particular event as due to capacity :) thanking you kindly!