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Calling all parents and toddlers from the ages 3 to 5. Basically all those who are not in the kindergarten. Let's get together in our beautiful neighbourhood and create some great fun activities for our children.

We can have fun cooking together, playing together, learning together, dance together, or sign up for activities together for our children at convenient times and in our area - for example our building has a room that can be used. We can decide ourselves how to make this fun for both children and adults alike!

We can have plan and have brunch together every now and then or dinner or ... :-).

And most importantly let us get to know each other and create a network for our children locally. We will speak English, Danish, danglish, or whatever we feel like.

Moms and dads alike can join. Bring one, two, 10 children, or even sometimes come without the children :-).

Looking forward to really meeting you all!

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