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Tel Aviv Deep Learning Bootcamp
Tel Aviv Deep Learning Bootcamp
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*Note: Maximum Attendance 90; first come first serve.

What's this Session About?

In this practical data science interview preparation hand- book , you will face challenging interview questions in Data Science, Statistical Machine Learning, Probability, Statistics and Deep Learning. I have dedicated countless hours after work assembling this booklet, hoping to help candidates excel at their data science interview.

This booklet contains numerous data science interview questions. The focus lies primarily on developing an understanding of the principles and concepts underlying practical data science. I have not chased mathematical harshness and pureness, but in its place emphasize prac- tical everyday use (for a more scientifically pure analysis, please refer to the bibliography). Although machine learning is applied in a very broad range of domains, this booklet focuses on the application in RTB, Ad-tech, User Retention, CyberSecurity, Quantitative Finance, Kaggle- competitions and Computer Vision.

Meetup Schedule:
6:00 pm - Networking & Announcements, food and drinks.
6:30 pm - Full Data Science test
7:30 pm - Discussing several answers to selected questions

9:00 pm - Wrap-Up and Additional Resources

Meet Your Instructors:

1 - Shlomo Kashani, Chief Data Scientist.

2 - Arthur Flame, Data Scientist, .

Important Points:

1. There is no registration fee.

2. The test would be an online test, so please bring your laptop and some papers.

3. If you're not on the RSVP list please don't attend the meetup as security won't let you in. You may also be turned away if you're late to the meetup so we don't disturb the speaker and other attendees.

If you have any questions / doubts, feel free to drop in your comments below.


ECI Telecom is sponsoring the food and drinkS for the meetup.