TensorFlow & deep learning (Martin Görner,Google), Client Stories (Or Hiltch)

Tel Aviv Deep Learning Bootcamp
Tel Aviv Deep Learning Bootcamp
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Martin Görner

TensorFlow and deep learning - without a PhD

Date May 9th, gathering time 17:30, location google offices, 29th floor (NOT the google campus, on the 34th)

Proposed Agenda:

0. Networking

(17:30 18:00)

1. TensorFlow and deep learning - without a PhD by Martin Görner + Q&A

Martin Görner, an expert in TensorFlow/Deep Learning from google, will give a face to face session about Deep Learning and TensorFlow.

You can also present a list of TensorFlow technical questions which he will gladly answer.

(18:00 19:00)

2. TensorFlow Technical Questions and Answers

(~ 19:00 19:30)

3. Client Stories: How Skyline uses TensorFlow and GCP to build it's AI product to Disrupt Real Estate, Or Hiltch, Co-Founder and CTO.

(19:30 20:00)

Bio of Martin Görner:

Martin is passionate about science, technology, coding, algorithms and everything in between. He graduated from Mines Paris Tech with a major in computer vision, enjoyed his first engineering years in the computer architecture group of ST Microlectronics and then spent the next 11 years shaping the nascent eBook market, starting with the Mobipocket startup, which later became the software part of the Amazon Kindle and its mobile variants. He joined Google Developer Relations in 2011 and now focuses on parallel processing and machine learning (Dataflow and Tensorflow).