• How to organize R&D? Matrix vs Divisional structure

    Sphere Software (www.SphereInc.com) presents: Tel Aviv Tech Debates Poor organizational design creates confusion within roles, a lack of coordination, reduced collaboration, and slow decision making. When thinking about the best way to organize R&D, should it be organized on a divisional, matrix, or other structure? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Every organization is different and no organization is structurally perfect. However, without a formal organizational structure, R&D departments may become unclear exactly who has the final responsibility for what. Join us for what will be a lively debate. Attention: For building security purposes, please enter your first, last name and email into the following form: https://techdebates.sphereinc.com/tel-aviv-6-24 Agenda: Network and Mingle Introduction to our debaters Opening Statements The Debate Q&A Network with the debaters Join Us here to get regular updates on upcoming events - https://www.techdebates.org/