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The goal of the group is to enjoy meat workshops and learning about asado meat and grilling (https://mang.co.il/) preparation method. The workshop is recommended for anyone who loves meat. At the event, we will roast meats on a professional asado grill and learn how to make meat exactly as desired.
You are welcome to see my blog about grilled meats, recipes and cooking methods.

In the workshop we will learn how to prepare meat on the fire professionally, where to buy the meat, how do we know if the meat we buy or quality and fresh meat?How do we know what level our steak is in? What is the difference between one and the other level? Question mark How long does it take to put the steak on the grill to make it a medium or a medium wall? In the workshop we will also learn about meat preparation methods in which the actual preparation is prepared. Each member of the group will prepare his or her meat professionally. The preparation method he learned in the workshop.

I serve as attentive to some catering companies specializing in meat for special recipes on grilling methods. I invite you to visit the site today (https://grill4u.co.il/) to read recipes and even send me questions I would love to advise you and guide you until you succeed and prepare the best meat dish you can make.

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